Justin Bieber's Growing Out His Hair Apparently To Look Like An Iconic Brad Pitt Character

Justin Bieber in Drake's popstar music video

Justin Bieber is arguably known for his hair just as much as his catchy tunes or more solemn songs, such as “Lonely.” Remember the “Bieber cut”? Though the singer is still famously tied to the side swept bull cut he used to rock with his trademark purple hoodie, there’s been a lot of different looks on top of Justin Bieber’s head over the years. He’s gone bleach blonde, rocked a buzzcut and even an Elvis-esque pompadour, but now he’s taking inspiration from Brad Pitt and growing it all out.

The 26-year-old is apparently taking inspiration from one of Brad Pitt’s famous hairstyles for his next era of the Bieber cut. During a recent appearance on Ellen, the Biebs briefly took off his cap to try on a beanie from the daytime host, revealing his full head of hair. Here’s how he commented on his current appearance:

Hey, my hair's getting kinda long, huh?... I'm growing it out. Legends of the Fall Brad Pitt, that's what I'm going for.

Oh yes, Tristan. It’s not a bad look at all. Well, he has some way to go before he can say that, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the singer actually does go for it and commit to long hair. His hair had already grown by his Ellen appearance, but check out this recent photo of Justin Bieber with visibly longer hair than ever before:

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Justin Bieber's hair is definitely past his ears and starting to reach his neck, but it could be a while before the Legends of the Fall look really kicks in. Brad Pitt donned the long hair back in 1994, when he had recently turned 30. It remains one of his most iconic movie hair moments to this day and he adopted the long hair again back in 2012, even trying out the man bun too. More recently with quarantine and all, Pitt has been growing his hair out too. It was nearly shoulder length when he delivered groceries while masked last month, so he could be back to Legends of the Fall at any moment. Maybe he and Biebs will match?

Brad Pitt as Tristan in Legends of the Fall

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Though long hair is a whole thing. As someone who for some reason decided it was the way to go most of life, Team Short Hair all the way. But I would be interested to see how Justin Bieber could pull off the Legends of the Fall hair, especially since he’s had it short most of the time. If there was any time for one to experiment with hair it’s now. Joe Manganiello totally got a blue mohawk and Bryce Dallas Howard went pink after wrapping on Jurassic World: Dominion, so hey, why not? What do you think? Vote in our poll below.

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