Me, Myself, and Irene

You wouldn't expect to see people humping livestock anywhere in America besides Tennessee, but in Me, Myself, and Irene, livestock love leaves middle America and goes coastal.

In this, Jim Carrey's 175th film (OK maybe not, but it certainly seems like it), Carrey plays a man with a split personality disorder which develops when he refuses to acknowledge the rage he has inside. Typical Carrey hyjinks ensue, and when I say typical I mean tired, overdone, worn out, self abusing, masochistic, intentionally crude, and occasionally boring, hyjinks.

Once upon a time, Jim Carrey was an innovator. A man for whom each film was a fertile field just waiting to be plowed with fresh comedic seed. Somewhere along the way though, Mr. Carrey decided he really liked corn, and that is all he has been planting ever since. Now that's not to say that the Hobbit doesn't like corn, its a very fine vegetable indeed. But even an overweight rabid hog can only eat so much corn before he wants some variety in his slop. Jim Carrey may not know this, but someone in his camp does. And so they get him to do drama, and he's a hit. But, he's a comedian, and eventually even the worst comedic actor has to be funny. Enter Me, Myself, and Irene.

Me, Myself, and Irene is typical Carrey slapstick, only this time its been Farrelyized, which means its dirtier, more disgusting, and much more likely to turn your stomach and make you say... UGH. Its as if someone ran through the field of corn and let loose a bucket full of aphids. A few aphids are manageable, they might even make picking the corn more interesting if only because they break up the monotony of it. But when every kernel is crawling with the stuff, and you just can't figure out WHY, its time to buy some DDT.

There WERE funny moments in Me, Myself, and Irene, but not that funny... and definently not anything any Carrey fan hasn't seen before. But even those are easily lost in a jumbled up plot which seems to cut from scene to scene without rhyme or reason. I still can't figure out where the hell they thought they were going in the hour during the film in which Carrey and Zellwigger spent traveling across America. Characters seem to trip and fall from one scene to the next without any plan or real goal except to find something funny to do.

If I didn't hate Ace Venture 2 so much, this would be Carrey's worst film ever. Corn anyone?

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