Hear Me Out: Why I’m Super Excited About One Star Wars Gift In Particular This Valentine’s Day Holiday

Millennium Falcon at Star Wars; Galaxy's Edge
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In the era of a global pandemic, a lot of us have discovered the joys of working from home. As somebody who has been working from home for years, I know how great it really is. It’s nice to be able to go to work wearing basically whatever you want that you’re comfortable in, or comfortable not in as the case may be. But if there’s a downside to that, it’s that you might find yourself dressing casually basically all the time. While my standard dress at work is usually a pair of jeans and a hoodie, I actually really like to dress up. And when I do, I like to add some style, which is why I’ve fallen in love with a pair of Star Wars cufflinks this Valentine's Day.

My wife doesn’t usually read the things I write, but if she happens to come across this one in her feed, then perhaps she’ll take a look at these excellent cufflinks I discovered while browsing ShopDisney. One provides a blueprint style look at the Millennium Falcon, while the other shows that you’re a member of the Rebel Alliance. It’s like the slightly classier version of Rose Tico’s ring from Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Millenium Falcon cufflinks

(Image credit: ShopDisney)

Most of us probably don’t have a lot of chances to really dress up and look nice. These days there are even fewer than usual. Maybe you got to go to a nice Christmas party this past season, but just as likely not. A lot of people may be skipping on going out to a nice dinner on Valentine’s Day, but if you are planning a more formal night out with your valentine, then these would really help build the ensemble. 

Millennium Falcon Blueprint Cufflinks 
$65.99 but currently available at 20% off with code: DISNEYPAL

Millennium Falcon Blueprint Cufflinks 

$65.99 but currently available at 20% off with code: DISNEYPAL

My personal favorite time to dress up is Dapper Day, the biannual event held at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World where guests are encouraged to dress in the finest to visit the parks. Some dress in period attire, harkening back to the opening days of DIsneyland, others build an appropriate Disneybounding outfit, but with something like this one can just wear a nice suit, but still show off their love for Star Wars.

But maybe a pair of cufflinks isn’t enough? Maybe it’s a bit too subtle and you want to build more Star Wars into your suit. Or perhaps you just really don't do cufflinks. That’s fine. You still need a tie. Personally, I’m a bow tie guy, because as Doctor Who and James Bond taught us, bow ties are cool. I’m also a bow tie snob, and don’t wear pre-tied bow ties, but I might make an exception for this R2-D2 tie (link below), which is great because you can barely tell it’s Star Wars themed unless you look closely, making it much more versatile than it first appears.

If a more traditional necktie is more your speed however, there are plenty of Star Wars options, like this Mandalorian tie, complete with “This is the Way” embroidered on the back. And you can finish that off with a Yoda inspired tie clip to finish your classy Star Wars ensemble.

Even if wearing a suit or other formal clothes isn't normal for you, it's nice to have the ability to dress up when the occasion calls. And while it can certainly get pricey, these are the sorts of items you might never need to replace. After all you're not going to stop being a Star Wars fan anytime soon.  

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