7 Virgin River Questions We Need Answered In Season 3 On Netflix

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What can I say, Virgin River fans? The wait for Season 2 on Netflix might have felt mighty long, but at least once we finally got to it, the new set of episodes was well worth it. Not only did we get two trouble-making new characters (I'm looking at you, Vince and Lizzie!), but we were also treated to some surprising new developments with Preacher and Paige, Hope doing some really stupid stuff which caused her to not notice that something was up with Doc Mullins, and, best of all, some sweet, sweet lovin' for Mel and Jack.

However, viewers were still left with some mighty questions, so here's what we hope to get answers for in Virgin River Season 3.

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Who Shot Jack?

Have mercy! This was certainly the biggest surprise of the Virgin River Season 2 finale. After Mel and Jack came through a very rough time as they dealt with Charmaine's borderline abusive and crazy behavior, the couple managed to make with the romantic sexytimes on two separate occasions and totally declare their love for one another. But! After they spent some quality naked time together on the second night, Mel arrived at the bar to share dinner with Jack, only to find him shot and bleeding out on the floor.

There are a few notable possibilities for who shot Jack (and why). Charmaine was beyond pissed with him for much of the season, and I wouldn't put this act of violence past her. Plus, Jack kept messing around in Calvin's illegal activities, and we all know he'd be willing to have him killed. There's also the potential that Vince came in looking for Preach and took aim at Jack instead, so we'll just have to wait for Season 3 to see who did the deed.

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How Does Mel Handle Jack Being Near Death?

It's probably pretty safe to say that Jack will be able to pull through, and that Virgin River Season 3 will focus a lot on his recovery. Let's not forget, though, that while Mel is a nurse practitioner, and it was good that she was the one to find him, she's only now just beginning to deal with the deaths of both her unborn child and her husband, Mark, who died from his injuries after a car accident, which Mel was also involved in.

Any nurse worth her salt is going to be pretty good in a blood-soaked emergency, and Mel managed to get past her shock at seeing Jack fast enough to call 911. But, this does not mean that having another tragedy befall a man she's in love with isn't going to cause some big problems for her. Is she going to shut down at some point? Or, will she turn into an even fiercer protector and become more sure of her romance with Jack?

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Will Charmaine Ever Act Less Crazy?

As much as I realize we needed to have something to serve as a barrier to an immediate romance between Jack and Mel... Man, you guys. Charmaine is doing the most in the worst way possible. I completely understand that the failure of her relationship with Jack was both of their faults, but, Charmaine continues to see Mel as the only reason for Jack not wanting to be with her.

With her pregnancy, especially, Charmaine is acting more and more unhinged, and by the end of Season 2, she decided to punish Jack by telling him that she wanted to be married and that man would be the father of her kids and she'd have to see where Jack fit into that. I can't help but wonder if Season 3 will give us a less crazy Charmaine, now that she's seen what it would mean to really lose Jack as the father of her twins. We can only hope!

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Can Preacher Really Raise Christopher?

I have so many questions about this one. If you'll remember, Preach decided to help Paige and Christopher abscond after she accidentally killed her abusive ex-husband. Preach hid Wes' body, and covered for her with the townsfolk so they wouldn't ask too many questions about her whereabouts. Unfortunately, Wes' sneaky, obviously no good identical twin brother, Vince, came to town asking after Paige, and he quickly found out that she and Preacher were very close.

Seeing as how Paige sent Christopher back to Virgin River to stay with Preach, I have real doubts about him being able to raise the boy while Vince is sniffing around. Plus, Preach was planning to leave for a gig in San Fransisco, but how does that work if he's trying to care for Christopher? Season 3 needs to have the answers to this one.

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What's Wrong With Doc Mullins?

Our favorite cranky town doctor had softened quite a bit by the time Season 1 wrapped, but Doc Mullins' behavior began to take a bit of a turn again with Season 2. For a long time it looked as though he was simply frustrated by Hope's behavior, but by the finale, when Doc took a secret trip to see a doctor in another town, it was clear that something was very wrong.

Doc, good man that he (basically) is, had tried to tell Hope what his doctor found, but was interrupted by a surprise party their friends were having to celebrate him and the mayor deciding to renew their vows. I'm praying that whatever is wrong with Doc, who'd been having some physically shaky moments and the occasional emotional outburst, will be revealed before long. But, with Jack getting shot, it will likely set the news back at least a few episodes.

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Is Brady On The Road To Redemption?

Brady, Brady, Brady. Throughout the first season, and much of Season 2, we saw Jack try to keep his fellow Marine on the straight and narrow during his return to civilian life. Unfortunately, Brady was... quite difficult. Who knows, at this point, what kind of issues he's been dealing with since returning home, but he's been more than willing to try taking the easy way out to get everything he needs.

Jack repeatedly tried to warn him about Calvin and keep Brady from engaging in his illegal businesses, but he wouldn't listen and went to work for him anyway. Season 2, though, saw Brady have to decide if he was willing to go all the way for Calvin (yeah, I'm talking about killing someone) and he just couldn't do it. Has Brady finally learned his lesson? Will he be able to get away from Calvin without repercussions? The new season, hopefully, will tell us.

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Are Ricky And Lizzie Going To Get Into More Trouble?

Ricky was the exact opposite of a trouble-maker in the first season of Virgin River, but when he met (and quickly fell for) new transplant Lizzie in Season 2, that began to change. Not only did Ricky start blowing off work and stealing from the bar, but he and Lizzie lost their virginity to each other, which led her aunt to forbid Lizzie from seeing him ever again.

But, Lizzie ended the season determined to disregard her aunt's wishes, while Ricky is so smitten that he seems willing to do pretty much any old thing Lizzie wants. It's almost guaranteed that they'll get into even bigger trouble in Season 3, but we'll just have to see.

There's no word on when Virgin River Season 3 could hit Netflix, but each previous season landed in either November or December, so let's hope that trend continues!

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