Amazon's Head Of TV Has Seen Reacher Season 2 And Has A Bold Take

The first season of Reacher, starring Alan Ritchson in the lead role, presented one of Amazon Prime Video’s best new shows, and got fans excited for the story that will be told in Season 2. We don’t yet know when the new season will be available to stream, but we did put together 5 quick things we could figure out once it was revealed which of the Lee Child books Reacher Season 2 was going to use as its inspiration. Now we are hearing a few encouraging words about the upcoming season, which has us fired up for what’s to come. 

Amazon Studios’ head of TV, Vernon Sanders, took time to speak with Collider about the success of the Lord of the Rings series, The Rings of Power, and the pending season of Reacher. And in setting up what was to come, Sanders raised the bar of expectations by saying:

Alan is back, and he is so fantastic in the role. I'm so proud of the producers [for] finding that fit for Reacher. The Reacher fans of the book, their reaction to the show has just been a dream. Season 2 is awesome. And as great as season one was, I think season two delivers beyond that.

OK, now we’re sitting up and paying attention. We loved the first season of Reacher, believing it did an incredible job of capturing the gritty brutality of the Lee Child novels, and also filling in the supporting parts with excellent casting. We already know that one actor from the Season 1 cast, Maria Sten, will reprise the role of Frances Neagley, a former colleague of Jack Reacher (Alan Ritchson) who was also a member of Reacher’s elite military squad. Neagley would assist Reacher from time to time if the complications that he was investigating tied back to the military. But the story in Bad Luck and Trouble, the book that will inspire Reacher Season 2, heavily involves Neagley as a character, so Sten should stay busy. 

Truthfully,  it shouldn’t be too hard for Season 2 of Reacher to top Season 1, but that’s mainly because the first season was a trial balloon, and the showrunners and producers didn’t know 100% what was going to work, and what needed tinkering. They have selected a tremendous book on which to base the next story, and what’s interesting is that while Season 1 of Reacher relied on Lee Child’s first Jack Reacher novel, the second season didn’t feel the need to stay in chronological order of the way the books were published. Reacher’s books are not always continuous. Each new book usually starts a completely new adventure. So the show jumped to the eleventh book in the series. It wasn’t the one that Alan Ritchson would have preferred, but I’m sure he’s perfectly fine just being back in Reacher’s shoes. 

Amazon Studios’ Head of TV went on to talk about a possible third season of Reacher, and why not? Lee Child wrote numerous books based on the lead character, and we even picked four stories that would be ideal for upcoming seasons. But right now, we just want Season 2… or, at the very least, a trailer showing us how Alan Ritchson looks in the role in the new story. We’re fired up, Vernon Sanders. Give us something!

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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