A.P. Bio Creator Shares Loving And Positive Responses After Revealing Cancellation News

Glenn Howerton in A.P. Bio.
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A.P. Bio had an unconventional run over its four seasons, as it aired on NBC for the first two seasons before moving to the streaming platform Peacock for the third and fourth. Creator Mike O’Brien has now confirmed the heartbreaking news that the series is not returning, but also shared some touching messages with fans. 

Mike O’Brien took to Twitter to put a loving and positive spin on the cancellation news. The show only lasted four seasons but it definitely had an impact on him, and fans everywhere. He thanked the people who helped bring the series to the screen, and he made sure to give credit where credit is due across the board. He started with revealing that he feels gratitude despite the "sad" news of the cancellation:

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This isn't the first time that Mike O'Brien has seen the series cancelled, as NBC axed the comedy in 2019 before it was ultimately renewed and moved to NBCUniversal's streaming service, and fans were able to continue watching on Peacock. O'Brien continued in the Twitter thread to make it clear that all 42 episodes of the series are on the streamer now, and it "has been one of the best experiences of my life and that’s because of the hundreds of hilarious, hard-working, positive people that were involved."

He went on to specifically name some people who he wanted to thank, ranging from the big-name series regulars (including It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's Glenn Howerton) who headlined A.P. Bio to the younger stars:

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He went on to thank some actors who appeared in Season 1: Jacob McCarthy and Tucker Albrizzi. And O'Brien didn't stop with just the people who made the show happen in front of the camera, as he credited the writers with delivering some huge laughs for him during the run of the series.

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And Mike O'Brien wasn't finished expressing his gratitude. He thanked members of the team from A.P. Bio production company Broadway Video, including a specific shout-out for SNL creator and Broadway Video founder Lorne Michaels. The creator also thanked no fewer than ten guest actors, including Taran Killam, whose ABC sitcom was cancelled in 2020. The Twitter thread further thanked the costumers, set designer, set decorater, prop master, post-production team, composer, assistant directors, producers, the casting agent, and the team at Universal Television and Peacock, among others. 

So, for fans who are sad that A.P. Bio was cancelled, hopefully the creator's long list of people to thank helps lighten up the grief a bit. He clearly treasures his experience and has glowing praise for the people who helped bring the show to network television and then streaming, even if he wishes that the show had gotten to run longer. 

And at least the show ran longer than it would have if not for the Peacock rescue. A.P. Bio managed to get two additional seasons with its run on the streaming service, which is a lot more than what many other shows have received after getting the axe from a network. 

The series premiered its fourth and final season in September, with all eight episodes releasing at once. So, NBC waited a full three months to announce news about the show. It’s always disappointing when a network cancels a series that still seems to have stories to tell, but it’s even more disappointing when it happens a second time. Even though A.P. Bio is officially done, maybe it can pull a Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist and get picked up for a final conclusion movie to wrap everything up?

Even if this truly is the end of the road for A.P. Bio (which seems likely at this point), it seems that the show will always have a place in the creator’s heart, as well as with fans. Fingers crossed this isn’t the last time we get A.P. Bio! You can always rewatch the series in full on Peacock, and hope that we get a conclusion to the series. For some upcoming viewing options, check out our 2022 winter and spring premiere schedule.

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