How Glenn Howerton's A.P. Bio Wrapped Up For Its Series Finale

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Warning: Spoilers ahead for the series finale of A.P. Bio. Look away until you've caught up!

Glenn Howerton's A.P. Bio has crossed the final finish line, and we've got the details about how the comedy went out. And, while the episode gave fans a lot to love in terms of a certain romance, there are also some questions left that would make a save from another network or streaming service welcome. Here's what happened.

When the episode opened, Jack wakes up to the sound of a cheerful voice alerting him to the fact that it's time for him to get his day started. As he heads downstairs, it's apparent pretty quickly that Jack is dreaming, because a large family photo he passes by on the wall shows him with Lynette and their four adorable and very young children.

In this dream, Jack has actually given up his true dream of getting out of Toledo and publishing his book, in favor of family life with Lynette, becoming teacher of the year and being best friends with Marcus, who is now also a teacher at the same school and carpools with Jack every day. Obviously, this "dream" is really a bit of a nightmare for Jack, and when outrageous laughter in the dream turns sinister, he wakes up at his desk, in front of the class and screams his head off.

Jack has no boundaries, so he, obviously, tells the kids about his dream and how he needs to stay focused on his real dream: getting out of Toledo. It's then that Sarika pipes up and tells him that she'll pass his manuscript along to her aunt, who's one of Dean Koontz's publishers, if he helps her get into Harvard when the recruiter comes to visit during the college fair. You know Jack agreed with no problem, right?

Meanwhile, in the teacher's lounge, Jack is high on the possibility of leaving his hometown behind, so he tells Stef, Mary and Michelle that he's about to get his book published and leave teaching in Toledo behind. When they prod him by saying they believe he'll actually be sad to go, he tells them that there's "nothing about the town I'll miss." Obviously, his dream wife Lynette was right behind him when he said this. But, he didn't even notice her as he left. Ouch!

Back in class, Jack tells everyone that they're going to have to trick the Harvard recruiter into thinking Sarika has more than academics on her side, like "charm and personality," so he goes about having everyone try to make her a better, less stiff and rude human teenager.

When Jack and Sarika hit the college fair, he lays out his simple plan to introduce her with a set up for a joke designed to make her seem likable, but as soon as he sees the recruiter, Jack freezes. The woman smiles and hugs him, though, quite happy to see an old friend again. Jack is so thrown off that instead of setting Sarika up, he just babbles a bit and leaves awkwardly.

After the fair, when Sarika demands to know what the hell happened, he tells the kids (gently but still very inappropriately) that he has a "sexual history" with the Harvard recruiter. It's just then that she barges into his class, invites him to happy hour and then whispers something likely very naughty into his ear.

After she leaves, Sarika says it looks like he can still get her application to the recruiter, so the deal is still on if he meets with the woman at the bar. Jack really wants out of Toledo, so he agrees, but makes sure to tell Sarika that he won't be doing shots of tequila and will not "bang that recruiter for you." Classy, Jack.

To his credit, Jack does try to talk to his old flame about Sarika, but she cuts him off by saying they need to have, you guessed it, tequila first. When he says he's sticking to club soda, though, she is clearly disappointed.

Jack is the one who's disappointed next, because Lynette walks in with a hot guy who Durbin tells him is a hockey player named Nico. When the recruiter walks over with Jack's club soda, he decides to get a shot of tequila after all.

So, Jack and his former sex buddy have been doing shots, and when we next see them they're in a state of undress and in her hotel's hot tub. She quickly comes on very strong, but all Jack can do is make jokes about Taco Bell and KFC. Finally, after she mounts him, he tells her that having sex is a "no-go." She declares him way less fun than she remembered and takes off for her room to "kill a Toblerone."

Because his students are...his students, they're right there when she leaves, and Sarika is demanding to know what happened? He tells her he just couldn't do it, and that the kids are smart enough to pull this caper on their own and get Sarika's application into the recruiter's priority file that night if they use the resources at the hotel. Then, the big thing happens.

Jack tells the kids that he needs to talk to someone and proceeds to run from the hot tub and all around the hotel in his swim trunks. When does he stop? Well, when he finds Lynette, of course.

And, he tells her everything about the dream and how he thought he didn't want that but maybe he sort of does. To Lynette's credit, she grimaces at him and says she doesn't want that because she doesn't even know his middle name, and tells him she overheard his confession in the teacher's lounge. Jack tells her his middle name is Carson, and also reveals that "I would miss you. I like you and I'm glad I met you." Adding that she makes him happy to be in Toledo and he doesn't want to date anyone else.

Lynette smiles, telling him that she feels the same way, and just ended things with Nico. Jack is instantly hurt that she was seeing this guy when they were dating, but she reminds him that they were never exclusive and they kiss after she gives a chilled and half naked Jack her coat.

It's so sweet, right? A perfect ending...except this was not the ending. Back in class, Sarika tells him they did the mission, as he suggested, and got it done. So, because it worked out for her, she went ahead and gave his manuscript to her aunt, who loved it and wants to see Jack New York.

So, A.P. Bio ends with Jack stammering and flustered, already worried about making the choice between staying in Toledo for Lynette and taking off for greener pastures when he gets his book published. Honestly, for a narcissistic character like Jack who can rarely admit to his true feelings, this is sort of a perfect ending. His life, with or without Lynette, with probably always be filled with dilemmas like this, so, while it doesn't exactly give fans closure, at least we know Jack will always be Jack.

A.P. Bio may be done (on NBC, anyway), but there are plenty of cool things coming up in the next few weeks and beyond, so be sure to stay tuned to CinemaBlend for the latest!

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