Bridgerton Star Opens Up About Filming Awkward Bathroom Scene And What Happened With His Modesty Thong Later That Day

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Netflix’s popular Regency-era drama Bridgerton has blessed us with dramatic storylines and romances, following a different Bridgerton each season. Season 2 centered on Jonathan Bailey’s Anthony and his love interest, Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley). While the season did include fewer steamy sex scenes than the first season with Daphne and Simon, there was one scene in particular that, according to Bailey, proved to be a bit awkward, and what happened after made it even more awkward. 

Jonathan Bailey spoke all about Bridgerton and the pressure to do romance the right way with the LA Times. The topic soon turned to the actor feeling comfortable or embarrassed while filming some scenes, and he discussed the infamous bathtub scene towards the beginning of Episode 5 when Anthony is brooding over the one that almost got away. Bailey told a funny yet awkward story about filming the scene, and he was laughing at the memory of it:

There was actually a camera in the water between my legs looking back at me. So it was almost like a water birth. And I remember afterwards, I was so appalled at myself over the day that we had experienced and so confused, because you can't really explain it to anyone.

While filming any scene in the bathroom can surely be awkward, it was clearly even more awkward with the camera positioned in such a way that is even hard to explain. Though it seems like Jonathan Bailey is a pro and is able to joke about it, but that’s not even the worst of it. 

Bailey continued his story and mentioned meeting friends after filming. However, he managed to forget to take off his modesty thong, which left him to make a surprise discovery while at a pub:

It was just when the rules changed and you could go meet people outside, so I went to a pub that night and had a pint with my mates. When I got up to get the second round, I was like, 'I'm chafing a bit.' And I realized I still had my modesty thong on, because I was so traumatized and I ran so quickly from set that I hadn't even taken off my little pouch. I still have it to this day.

Jonathan Bailey's story just shows what actors have to go through to make a scene perfect, even if it means going above and beyond. Hopefully Bailey’s friends didn’t give him a tough time about it, but it seems like he’d be laughing right along with them.

The Bridgerton star isn’t the only actor who has had a problem with modesty thongs. In 2018, Dakota Johnson opened up about her sticky situation for Fifty Shades Freed, sharing how her modesty thong required extra strong adhesive because it kept coming off during filming. She was basically covered in superglue. At least Bailey didn't have that experience!

With Jonathan Bailey confirmed to return for Season 3 of Bridgerton, he seems to be over the whole awkwardness. With attention turning to Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington in the upcoming season, fingers crossed that Bailey’s scenes come across as more steamy and fun, with fewer mishaps! 

If you have the desire to rewatch Jonathan Bailey and everything Anthony Bridgerton – because who wouldn’t? – make sure to stream the first two seasons of Bridgerton on Netflix with a subscription. Rewatching can help pass the time until Season 3 arrives!

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