Does Star Trek: Picard's Latest Jurati Twist Confirm A Popular Fan Theory?

Agnes Jurati on Star Trek: Picard
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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Star Trek: Picard episode “Fly Me To The Moon.” Read at your own risk!

Star Trek: Picard’s characters tried like hell to drive home the fact that that Borg Queen isn’t to be trusted, and I wanted to desperately to believe Season 2 would subvert expectations and we only had to worry about Q and his motivations for changing the past. Unfortunately, “Fly Me To The Moon” not only showed that the Borg Queen doesn’t need sympathy, but furthermore is as formidable as literally everyone but Agnes Jurati believed her to be. Now she’s got her tendrils in Jurati, and I’m wondering if this latest episode confirms a popular fan theory brought up early into the season. 

Jurati was left behind on Borg-watch as Picard dealt with the Watcher and Seven, and Raffi tried to save Rios. Jurati was feeling a bit cocky after outsmarting the Borg Queen a couple of times and fell asleep in the chateau while the Queen (who is apparently a new character) was left to her own devices. The Borg Queen managed to access the ship’s controls and lure a French policeman to the ship. She nearly killed the man until Jurati made the tough decision to kill the Borg Queen. Doing so meant she stranded everyone back in the past, had she actually killed the Borg Queen. 

As we learned by the episode’s end, the Borg Queen is alive and well, as she managed to implant herself into Jurati. It doesn’t seem like Jurati’s fully assimilated, but she definitely has the Borg Queen in her head. As we work to figure out what this means, it reminds me of a popular fan theory mentioned early on in Star Trek: Picard Season 2. 

Is Jurati The Borg Queen In Star Trek: Picard’s Premiere?

Jurati’s situation with the Borg Queen now lends credence to the crowd who suspected Agnes was the Borg Queen seen in the premiere. It was a wild theory at first, but as Jurati’s relationship and storyline with the Borg Queen progressed these past few episodes, began to feel more plausible. After all, why did the Borg Queen in the premiere have a helmet on, and how was she aware of something Picard’s mother told him in his past? (Patrick Stewart and Akiva Goldsman had a lot to say about those scenes.) 

Granted, we haven’t heard Picard share that story about his mother with Agnes just yet, but we’ve seen the two bond quite a bit already in Star Trek: Picard Season 2. It’s not impossible to think she’ll hear the “Look up” story, or maybe she’s already heard it before off-camera. I think it’s definitely more likely than not she’s that Borg Queen in the premiere after this latest development, but what does that mean?

What Does This Mean For Jurati And The Crew?

The good news is that if Jurati has the potential to become a Borg Queen, then I think it’s possible Picard and crew won’t be stranded in 2024 after all. The bad news, of course, is that Jurati is corrupted by the Borg Queen and as a result, may never be the same ever again. It’s dangerous enough for Jurati to have the Borg Queen within her and even more dangerous for an unsuspecting crew. 

All hope is not lost, though, as I believe there’s a chance that something positive comes from this. After all, Jurati’s shown a capability to outsmart the Borg Queen, so it’s possible she’ll ultimately change the species for the better. Agnes said that the villainous Borg’s willingness to negotiate a treaty could result in forming the “greatest ally” The Federation ever had. Perhaps if she can control the Borg, there’s a chance of that happening. We’ll ultimately have to wait and see how things shake out, but I’m assuming, at the very least, the popular fan theory of Jurati becoming a Borg Queen will happen. 

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