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Friday Deals Roundup: One Month Free On Hulu, Paramount Plus, and Scream Merch

scream crewneck
(Image credit: Tee Public)

These days there are so many streaming services and franchises that it can be tough to keep up with all of the deals, discounts, and merch associated at any given time. Lucky for you, we have pulled together some awesome free trials for Paramount+ and Hulu, as well as some super unique Scream merchandise this week.

We're going to be bringing you the best deals and coolest product roundups every Friday here at CinemaBlend, so be sure to check back each week to see what's new. 

paramount plus

(Image credit: paramount)

Scream Crewneck

(Image credit: Tee Public)

Billy Loomis Crewneck Sweatshirt (opens in new tab)

It's weird, it's brutal, it's provocative. Fans who know will immediately know, others will be confused yet intrigued. 

Hulu logo

(Image credit: Hulu)

Hulu | One month free (opens in new tab)

If you want to check out some of the best shows on Hulu (opens in new tab) before pulling the trigger, we've got you covered. 

scream lamp

(Image credit: Etsy)

Scream Knife Night Light Table Lamp (opens in new tab)

Perfect for any horror fan who gets a little scared in the middle of the night but still wants to feel hardcore.

scream shirt

(Image credit: Hot Topic)

Scream poster

(Image credit: eBay)

Skeet Ulrich Signed 11x17 Scream Ghostface Poster (opens in new tab) 

This awesome poster feels vintage but with as modern twist and is perfect for any horror fan. 

scream poster

(Image credit: Red Bubble)

Scream Movie Billy Loomis Poster (opens in new tab)

It's corn syrup but I still can't help but be grossed out. This poster is a great addition to any Scream fan's wall.

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