Home Sweet Home Alone: What We Learn About Malcaulay Culkin's Kevin In The Disney+ Movie

Archie Yates and Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone movies
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SPOILERS are ahead for Home Sweet Home Alone, now streaming on Disney+. 

Since we learned that the Home Alone franchise would be back this holiday season, one word remained on many lips: KEVIN! Macaulay Culkin's young Kevin McCallister was obviously the best part of these holiday classics, but no, he does not make his way into Disney+’s Home Sweet Home Alone. However, there is a sweet connection drawn between the 1990 movie and the new movie that gives us an idea of how Kevin is doing these days. 

As we previously spotted in the trailer, Kevin’s older brother Buzz, played by Devin Retray, is back for Home Sweet Home Alone, and he’s grown up to become a police officer. He just so happens to be on patrol around town as Archie Yates’ Max gets left home during the Christmas season and finds himself defending his home from some invaders, Jeff and Pam McKenzie (played by Rob Delaney and Ellie Kemper). 

Devin Retray as Buzz McCallister in Home Sweet Home Alone

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When Max first calls the police on the McKenzies, Buzz McCallister is the one who answers the calls, but it’s really what happens later in the movie that connects Home Alone to Home Sweet Home Alone. Max’s family calls the police to warn them that they left their child home alone, and the unit calls on Buzz to check out the house. Buzz is not too worried about the whole thing because apparently Kevin, who would be around 40 years old these days, prank calls his brother every year… you know, to thank him for the childhood trauma. But that’s one of two reveals about Kevin the movie includes. 

As Buzz is sharing with his unit that Kevin was left at home as a child and prank calls him, he also says that he was at the same house earlier and it had a McCallister Home Alarm System. You can also see the name on Max’s own home alarm system in the below screenshot from Home Sweet Home Alone

McCallister Home security system in Home Sweet Home Alone

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In other words, it looks like Kevin grew up and became a businessman who fitted his own alarm systems. What’s ironic about that is it doesn’t really work, as the McKenzies do, in fact, get inside Max’s home. However, it is kind of fun to imagine that Kevin was able to apply his natural talents from the Home Alone movies for good. 

Devin Retray also adds two more little connections in there with his return to Buzz. For one, he says “I don’t think so” the same way Kevin did in Home Alone when he was getting groceries from the store and was asked if he was on his own. And then as the scene closes, Buzz breaks out one of his classic insults “Trout Sniffer.” Check out Home Sweet Home Alone on Disney+ now, and Happy Disney+ Day

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