Home Alone’s Macaulay Culkin Addresses Whether He’ll Appear In The Disney+ Reboot

Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister in Home Alone
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Whenever the holiday season rolls around, it’s become a modern tradition for many to tune into Home Alone while cozying up with loved ones, a warm fire and hot cocoa. A big reason why audiences love the family movie is because Malcaulay Culkin was simply perfect as Kevin McCallister. There’s been three other child actors who have tried to recapture the magic of Home Alone in subsequent sequels, and one more will join them when Disney+ debuts Home Sweet Home Alone next month. 

The Home Sweet Home Alone trailer dropped on Tuesday ahead of the Disney+ original being released on the streaming platform just in time to ring in the Christmas season. 41-year-old Malcaulay Culkin took to Twitter after the first look was revealed to clear one thing up: 

Hey y'all. Just a heads up since I've been getting this question a lot today: I am NOT in the new Home Alone reboot. I wish all involved the best of luck though.

There you have it. No, a middle-aged Kevin McCallister will not be making an appearance in the upcoming Home Alone movie. As Culkin shared, the Disney+ original is a “reboot” rather than a sequel or remake. Although, the idea of Kevin returning may not feel too far off considering Devin Ratray is in the film reprising his role as Kevin's older brother Buzz, who is apparently a police officer in his adult life. 

The movie stars 12-year-old Archie Yates, who will play a boy named Max who gets accidentally left alone at home while his family goes to Tokyo for the holidays. While home alone, Max has to defend his home from a criminal couple who have their eye on stealing a priceless heirloom from his home. The couple will be played by The Office’s Ellie Kemper and Catastrophe’s Rob Delaney. Also among the cast of Home Sweet Home Alone is Ally Maki and SNL cast members Kenan Thompson and Mikey Day. Day also co-wrote the script with SNL writer Streeter Seidell. Check out the trailer: 

The movie looks like it will share a lot of elements with the original 1990 movie, with a few slight changes to the storyline. It’s been over 30 years since Macaulay Culkin’s famed Christmas movie first hit theaters, so perhaps it’s time for a new generation to grab hold of the Home Alone franchise. Or at least try to. Home Sweet Home Alone will premiere on the streaming service’s Disney+ Day, on November 12. That will be the same day Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings arrives, along with some other exciting titles. 

It would be pretty fun to see Macaulay Culkin return to Kevin McCallister as an adult for another Home Alone movie. Perhaps it could be a new spin on it where a middle-aged Kevin finds himself getting back to his home alone antics at his childhood home, maybe after getting kicked out by his wife or something. Then again, the implications of Home Alone for an adult Kevin may not be quite as cheerful. 

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