How Netflix’s The Baby-Sitters Club Will Handle The Young Cast Outgrowing The Books

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Based on the beloved and classic book series, Netflix’s The Baby-Sitters Club follows a group of friends who start their own business, while at the same time going through many life changes. Season 2 has dropped on the streamer and although the series itself is a delight, it can only go on for so long due to the nature of the books. However, don’t expect the team behind the series to quit so early on, as series creator Rachel Shukert recently shared how the show will handle the books as the young cast continues to grow.

It’s definitely not easy going through puberty, and it could be even worse while filming a TV show for all to see. The Baby-Sitters Club's main characters are mostly young but figuring out themselves and finding their path in life. As the show goes on, the cast gets older and taller. The book series was an important part of many kids’ lives but it continually found new generations. So how does the creator plan to deal with a cast that might outgrow how old their characters should be? Rachel Shukert tells TVLine what to expect if the show keeps going past Season 2:

It does put a little bit of a timestamp on the show, because I don’t know that we’re going to follow them into college or anything like that. These books, for me, I was such a giant Baby-Sitters Club fan as a kid, and they’re the most important thing in your life for two or three years, and then you age out and another generation finds them. So there’s this very specific, jewel-like quality to these books and to this show that exists in this finite period of time, and that’s something that we’re all sort of OK with.

It makes sense that they’re already thinking about the future of The Baby-Sitters Club, as not only are the cast getting older, but also any young viewers who discovered the series with Season 1. Even though it’s hard to say just how many stories will be told before the show comes to an end, with Rachel Shukert as a fan of the original book series growing up, it might not be too difficult. The series has done well for itself so far, so it wouldn’t be surprising if The Baby-Sitters Club manages to last another season.

Currently it’s unknown whether or not Netflix will renew The Baby-Sitters Club for a third season but since Season 2 did just come out, I wouldn’t worry too much about it just yet. Hopefully an announcement will be made soon about the future because it would be too soon to say goodbye to the club! In the meantime, check out CinemaBlend's 2021 fall TV guide to see what other shows to look forward to!

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