The Baby-Sitters Club Is Getting A New TV Show

The Baby-Sitters Club
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Let the nostalgia continue! The Baby-Sitters Club is joining the ever-expanding list of 80's sensations to get another chance at the small screen. In this case, Ann M. Martin's popular book series will be getting a new, modernized TV treatment. While the show is still in early development, it has nailed down some key elements. Here is what we know about it so far.

Details about the tone of the prospective new series are currently scarce beyond the fact that it will be modernized, which could mean that the show is opting out of a throwback feel in favor of being set in the present day. Let's face it: that would not be a bad decision given the unfortunate fashion flashbacks a version set in the 80s or 90s may create. In the currently planned version of the series, episodes will run for a half-hour each. In terms of content, THR reports the series will be family-friendly and address "divorce, racism, and belonging." All of the main babysitting characters from the book series are expected to be part of the show.

To date, The Baby-Sitters Club has spawned two adaptations: one previous TV show and a movie. The TV show ran for 13 episodes that originally aired in 1990 on HBO. From the sound of things, it doesn't seem like the new show will attempt to be a reboot of that series. The movie was released in 1995 and has aired on cable countless times over the years, possibly generating a fan base outside of the one produced by book readers.

The new TV adaptation hails from Walden Media and Fifty Shades of Grey producer Michael De Luca. So who will serve as showrunner? Glow's Rachel Shukert is currently in talks to take the helm as the series' showrunner, as well as taking on directing duties. In a promising sign that there may be good news on that front, Shukert recently quoted THR's tweet promoting the story, adding that she talked to The Baby-Sitters Club author Ann M. Martin on the phone.

Given that the novels are each told from a single character's viewpoint, it would be neat for the series to continue that format in adapting the show. Taking an anthology-like approach to the series would be intriguing. In that, like the books, it would give the writers' more time to dig deeper into a particular character and their story.

There is currently no premiere date set for the new Baby-Sitters Club as the show still has to be shopped around to potential networks. If the big four pass, The Baby-Sitters Club seems like it would be a good fit for Freeform or one of the streaming networks. Hulu recently greenlit a Holly Hobbie TV show, so perhaps they'll be interested in creating another family-friendly show. They could be a good fit.

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