4 Love Is Blind Questions That I Found Answers For (And 2 I Still Want To Know)

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If you’re looking for a bingeable show that follows single people as they try to find the love of their lives, look no further than Love Is Blind. The series, now in Season 3, has garnered a lot of attention since its debut in early 2020, and even managed to turn some who don’t like dating shows into fans. However, this is not your average Netflix dating show, as we watch while 15 men and 15 women attempt to find their special someone without doing anything but talking to them.

LIB has brought viewers a lot of drama, arguments, tears, some solid love stories by putting its daters in pods that keep them from seeing any of the people they date, having those who’ve fallen in love become engaged within 10 days, and then watching as they finally meet and try to begin a life together as a married couple, with the whole process taking only 38 days total. Even diehard fans probably have questions about how the show works, among all the intriguing thoughts each episode brings up, so here for you now are the four Love Is Blind questions I’ve found answers to, and two that I still want to know more about!

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Where Are The Pods?

Many who watch the series will likely know that every season has chosen cast members from the same city, so that it will (theoretically) be easier for any couples to stay together after being in the pods, with them not having to work out who will leave their whole life behind for the other. This does beg the question, though: Where, exactly, are those pods located. As a tour of the pod facility for Tudum reported, despite where the daters are from, those cozy, sound-proof booths and the rest of the area where the daters hang out is located in California.

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What’s The Deal With The Engagement Rings?

We’ve seen several couples get engaged on the series (though we haven’t quite watched all of them who’ve taken that step), and, per tradition, seen as all of the women in those couples had engagement rings placed on their fingers. But, are the guys buying those rings beforehand and bringing them just in case they do find the love of their life? While Kyle did bring a family heirloom with him into the pods in Season 2 just for that purpose, show creator Chris Coelen told Variety that’s not the standard process:

If they want to propose and want to have a ring to give, we provide — up to a certain level — a ring for them to do that with. If they choose to do that, we actually give choices. There are, like, 10 or 12 different styles and colors. It’s up to them, they don’t have to. There’s no pressure to [bring their own ring].

I’m still interested to know whether or not these rings are paid for by the show, or if the guys have to pay for them and how expensive they are. I imagine someone is likely to drop those details at some point.

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Is There A Time Limit On Individual Dates?

Alright, we know that the singles have less than two full weeks in which to decide whether or not they’ve found their person in the pods to become engaged, but just how does all that dating work? Each participant has 15 daters to try and get to know; do the producers put time limits on the dates so that everyone gets a fair shot? Well, Tudum has the scoop on this, as well, and notes that dates on the first day are actual speed dates of about 15 minutes long, so that everyone can meet. As the days go on, individuals can decide who they want to spend more time with and for how long, and they can return to the pods as often as they like.

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What Happens Right After The Proposals?

Wouldn’t you know it? Season 1 participant, Kelly Chase, answered this question on TikTok and cleared up another query I hadn’t even thought about. First of all, those proposals? THEY ALL HAPPEN ON THE SAME DAY. Here’s what Chase said:

We all go through an entire eight or nine days of dating. You start off with 15 people you're dating, and you get down to your top three. Then everyone gets engaged on that one day, and then the next day is the big reveal day ... That's why they open those doors, and then the couples separate. You meet them for like 15 minutes, the person you just got engaged to, and you don't see them again for a few days. It's crazy.

She also revealed in a different video that in a case where someone gets two proposals, both of those also take place on the same day, making logistics very tricky. I was, additionally, wondering if the women are told when someone is going to propose, because they tend to seem more dressed up than usual every time it happens, but seeing as how all potential engagements take place on the same day and everyone knows when that day will be, it does mean that the ladies know when to ditch the fuzzy slippers and gym clothes for something a bit nicer. 

Guys? This show is wild!

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Do Couples Get Bonuses For Making It To The Wedding/Staying Married For A Certain Amount Of Time?

Here is the first of the questions that I couldn’t find a concrete answer to, but haven’t you wondered whether or not there’s some kind of bonus system in place for the couples who make it to their wedding day and/or marry and stay hitched for a certain length of time? Even while watching Season 1, I was stunned at the number of people who went through all of the preparations for their wedding, made it to the altar and then broke up with their intended in front of just about everyone both of them knew. 

With the divorces of two of the Season 2 couples coming basically a year after they’d each tied the knot, this made me wonder if some kind of a bonus structure was in the contracts. But, with one participant filing a lawsuit against the production for paying people below minimum wage (based on the amount of time they spend on camera), among other claims, maybe not? Though, Chase did note on TikTok that part of signing up for the show does involve making it to the altar, even if you then turn your intended down, so simply getting all your wedding gear on is likely not enough to bring on some kind of bonus situation.

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Do The Daters Have Their Own Rooms?

OK, so I found a bit of info about where everyone spends their non-pod, non-lounge time on the show. It turns out that the studio used to hold the dating pods and those lounges is not set up for the daters to live there. 

Coelen noted to Tudum that, in the first season, participants slept on cots in trailers next to their respective lounge, but that did not make for long-term comfortable conditions. So, they now rent hotel rooms, but contestants are led to and from those rooms so that they don’t stumble into another dater of the opposite sex and end up seeing one another. As for whether or not several of the ladies and several gents need to share hotel rooms, I still don’t know.

Now that I’ve been digging into the inner workings of Love Is Blind, I’m certainly intrigued to know more, especially if any of these processes have changed along the way. Until someone from the current season spills the beans, I guess I’ll just have to settle for finding out if Nancy will finally dump Bartise.

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