Love Is Blind Season 3: 10 Thoughts I Had While Watching The First 4 Episodes

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Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD for Love Is Blind Season 3. Grab your gold wine goblet and catch up before reading!

Well, LIB fans, the time is finally here! We have now been treated to the first four episodes of Love Is Blind Season 3, which has debuted as a part of the 2022 TV premieres and the 2022 Netflix schedule. This season has already continued to bring viewers tons of drama, tears, fights, confusion, and romantic moments as a group of singles enter the pods and attempt to find out if love really can be blind. And, our five now-newly engaged couples were quick to come up against some difficulties, especially once they met face to face for the first time and began to interact like normal couples. 

As I’m sure is the case with all fans who watched the first episodes, everything that happened brought up a lot of thoughts, and here are just some of the things that came to mind as I watched.

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I Can’t Believe How Long It’s Taking To Warm Up To All Of These People

I’ve been through two seasons of this so far, and, generally, by the end of the first episode I’m already well on my way to liking several of the singles who signed up for the crazy experiment to try and fall in love. This time? I didn’t start to feel attached to anyone’s story or journey in the series until about a few minutes into the third episode. 

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I’d Like To See A Cast Where Everyone Isn’t So Traditionally Attractive

You know, for a show where we’re trying to establish that looks shouldn’t be as important as they typically are, they sure do cast a lot of awfully attractive folks. I am far from the only person to notice this, as it’s been commented on before, but watching these people in the early stage of Season 3 is the first time I’ve really been annoyed by it. I say it’s high time to start shaking this show up, OK? How about instead of casting nearly all supermodels next time around you balance them with a cast made of half regular dudes and dudettes one might see as one shops at Walmart?

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I Don’t Think Anyone’s Ever Said No To Andrew, And I’m REALLY Glad Nancy Did

Boy, oh BOY! I disliked Andrew almost immediately, and as he continued to show up on my screen, I got seriously icky vibes from him. Everything he said seemed like a carefully planned line meant to trick a woman into thinking he’s the man she’s been missing all her life… except for all the times he was clearly bragging about all his supposed accomplishments. 

Something tells me that his standard play with ladies, along with his looks and smooth demeanor, generally keep him from being rejected. Luckily, by the beginning of Episode 3, sweet Nancy had gotten wise to him, noticed that he was only giving her a “persona” instead of the real him, and denied his proposal. Which led to the blockbuster moment where Andrew was doing his talking head interview and actually dared (ON CAMERA!) to blast his eyes with eye drops so that he could pretend that Nancy’s rejection made him cry! Talk about battling Shake for top Love Is Blind villain of all time!

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Colleen Wasn’t Ready For This

Alright, so two people broke up with Colleen in the pods, which I know had to suck. But, it quickly became clear that she was simply not ready for LIB, and probably has some stuff to work through in general so that she can become comfortable speaking more openly and be a better potential romantic partner to someone. First, Brennon dealt her a blow by (quite gently and respectfully, I think) letting her know when he realized that he was more interested in someone else. It was after this that Colleen revealed that she thinks guys break up with her within a few dates after the novelty of going out with a ballet dancer wears off, and that she believes her appearance is the only thing that guys are really interested in. 

Then, Cole told her things wouldn’t work out, and for a completely reasonable reason, seeing as he wanted to be able to propose to someone who was willing to “go deep” in their conversations, and Colleen was refusing to talk about even remotely serious topics with him. She literally said she wasn’t “attracted to” people who have more than surface level, “fun” chats. Basically, girlfriend was not ready for any of this, and she acted like Cole was being unreasonable.

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They Went To A New Resort!

No more Mexican beaches, my friends! Oh, well. Who’s going to complain about a free trip to a resort in Malibu, California?

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Did I Just See REGULAR Wine Glasses?!

This is just WILD! Love Is Blind has become sorta famous for its opaque gold wine glasses that the cast drink every beverage out of. But, somehow, when they first arrive at the resort, some of them have regular, see-through glasses made of actual glass. I. Am. Stunned!

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Zanab And Cole Might Be The Most Awkward Of All The Love Is Blind Couples Ever

Woof. I can admit that when Cole proposed to Zanab it seemed like he was going for her just because the flight attendant would be fun and easy to travel the world with, but I was not expecting their time at the resort to be so awkward, stilted, and filled with misunderstandings to the point where it seemed like they’d never even spoken before. This one’s gonna be tough, guys.

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As Usual, I’m Still Wondering About Some Of The Singles We Didn’t Follow

Seriously. Can we get some kind of follow up special/series that catches us up on at least some of the singles who appeared interesting but barely got any airtime? Please?

nancy and bartise on love is blind

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I’m Not Actively Rooting For Any Couple At This Point

Look, I’d like for everyone who got engaged to come away from the show happier than ever. But! I just don’t feel that any of these couples are really meant to be. For the individuals who seem very satisfied with the person they chose, their partner is either now clearly physically attracted to someone they said no to in the pods, or it seems like lifestyle/value issues are already being stirred up, or… well, or the other person in the relationship is Colleen. There. I said it. Set yourselves free and fly solo, folks. You can do better than this.

andrew on love is blind

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Grrrrrrrrrr! Nancy, please don’t do this! I know you’re pissed and hurt (and rightfully so) that your fiancé (Bartise) has openly told you that he’s hot for Raven again now that he’s seen her, but you have got to trust your gut here. You pegged Andrew as a fake and you were right! Listen to that initial inner voice, put your big girl pants on and CHOOSE YOU!

Wow. Guys? I’m almost scared to see what happens in the next three episodes (which premiere on October 26), but I’ll be watching, for sure.

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