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Was Love Is Blind's Shayne Surprised By Natalie's Answer On Their Wedding Day? Here's What She Says

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Those of us who enjoy the many bingeable dating shows on Netflix are still very much in the afterglow of Love Is Blind Season 2. One of the big reveals of castmate drama that came from the final episode involved Natalie Lee’s wedding day admission that she and her fiancé, Shayne Jansen, had a major fight the night before. That led to Natalie saying no at the altar, but how surprised by her answer was Shayne? Natalie has now opened up about the hours before their wedding.

What Did Natalie Tell Shayne Before Their Love Is Blind Wedding?

As viewers will remember, Natalie and Shayne were far from a perfect pairing even when they were still dating blindly in the Love Is Blind pods. Shayne also had his metaphorical eye on Shaina Hurley, and went to great, some would say gaslighting, lengths to keep both women around. With Shaina out of the way (sort of), Natalie said yes to Shayne and they became one of the six engaged couples followed, but that giant, heartbreaking fight led her to say no to him during the wedding ceremony.

In a chat with the Los Angeles Times, Natalie spoke about what she told Shayne at some point between their fight and the ceremony, noting:

I did give Shayne the heads-up I was saying no, and he was very aware that that was gonna be my response. I think in his head he was hoping that it might change, that I would change my mind going down the aisle, but I was very transparent it was gonna be a no.

Well, there you have it. Shayne did know that Natalie was planning to say no to marrying him once she got to the altar. Apparently, though, even with being aware of this, he was still hoping that she’d change her mind, though considering the horrible things he said to her during the fight, I can’t imagine why Shayne would think that was a real possibility.

One of the reasons that Natalie refusing to marry Shayne was such a surprise for fans, is that their massive argument (which she blames on his anger at what happened during the bachelor party) took place off-camera. At the bachelorette party, Natalie was 100% sure that she was getting married, and it wasn’t until her pre-wedding interview (she wasn’t even in her dress yet) that she revealed they’d had a massive fight. After they both leave the altar and go outside to talk, Natalie makes it clear, again, that she can’t marry someone who just the night before told her he “hated” her and “was the worst thing” for him “at that moment.”

Egad, right? There is no one who could blame Natalie for telling Shayne no during their ceremony, and seeing as how she did warn him about her answer beforehand, it does help to explain at least some of his weird, jittery behavior during at the wedding.

You can revisit all of Natalie and Shayne’s ups and downs in Love Is Blind Season 2 on Netflix right now, but you can also look into the 2022 TV premiere dates, and see what else is coming with the 2022 Netflix TV schedule!  

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