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Love Is Blind Season 2: Why Natalie Thinks She And Shayne Had That Major Fight Before Their Wedding Day

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Now that Love Is Blind Season 2 has come to a close, there are still plenty of questions fans have about everything that went down between the couples who made it out of the pods and into the real world. While we have reunion special predictions, whether or not those are fulfilled we’re sure to get more insight into what happened during and after the main part of the series. But, a big question viewers are sure to have involves what happened during Natalie and Shayne’s major fight the night before their wedding day. Now, Natalie has opened up about why she thinks they had such a big argument.

Why Does Love Is Blind’s Natalie Think She And Shayne Fought Before Their Wedding Day?

Look, I will fully admit that I was never really on Shayne’s side as he courted both Natalie and Shaina in the pods. But, after a dust-up with both ladies, and Shaina (temporarily) leaving him alone, Shayne proposed to Natalie and he accepted. Viewers saw them have some sweet times, but also several arguments, which were usually based on Shayne not liking that Natalie teased him a bit and didn’t always give him the compliments he was looking for.

During the bachelorette party, Natalie was 100% sure she was going to say yes to Shayne at the altar, but when the big day came, we found out that they’d had a massive fight the night before (off camera), leading Natalie to change her mind.  Natalie has now told People about that argument, saying:

It was about a lot of different things. I think it mostly stemmed out of what happened at the bachelor night. Shayne came home just a bit irritated and, like he says on the show, I think because of the questions I would ask, it just kind of took him to his breaking point.

Why Would The Bachelor Party Have Led To Natalie And Shayne’s Fight?

Well, anyone who saw Love Is Blind Season 2, Episode 9, where the separate bachelor and bachelorette parties were featured, will know what happened with Shayne that night. While the ladies were taken on a boat trip to drink, talk, and party with their friends for their bachelorette party, the lads were given the opportunity to step up to the plate and hit a few balls during a closed session for them at Chicago’s famed Wrigley Field. And, uh, Shayne didn’t do so well.

In the episode, it looks like he goes after Sal, who admitted to never having played baseball and went on to hit every ball tossed his way, nearly hitting a home run, even. When Shayne, who was clearly very eager to get on the field, takes his turn at bat, he missed all three of the balls lobbed at him. He is clearly “embarrassed” and “pissed,” which he admits, but then also claims he “got the short shaft out of everyone here at the stadium,” after complaining about how well Sal did.

I already thought Shayne’s behavior that night was just another example of why Natalie should steer clear of him, and it seems like I was on to something. As you might recall, when they spoke right after Natalie turned Shayne down at the altar, he apologized for what he said during their fight, but added “that’s how I truly felt.” Natalie then lets the viewers in on what he said, asking, “So, you’re saying you truly felt like you hated me and I was the worst thing for you at that moment?” I mean, hold all of the wedding horses, right?

Natalie adding in her interview that she was somehow to blame for what Shayne said by “the questions I would ask” which “took him to his breaking point,” makes me think she’s putting way too much onus for their fight on herself, though this is exactly the kind of drama between cast members that has brought Love Is Blind so many dating show converts. Natalie continued, noting:

I think it was an accumulation of everything he was holding in, along with other things that were happening. He was also grieving his father's death at that time too. And with the pressures of the wedding, I think everything kind of imploded that night.

Imploded, indeed. The Love Is Blind Season 2 reunion special is already live on Netflix, so you can watch to see what else Natalie and Shayne have to say about their relationship. If you need more to watch, check out all of the 2022 TV premiere dates we have right now, look into other hot dating shows on Netflix, and see what else is coming to the streamer with the 2022 Netflix TV schedule!

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