Millie Bobby Brown Has An Idea For The Stranger Things Series Finale, And It’s Inspired By It’s Always Sunny

Millie Bobby Brown on Stranger Things
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The end is sadly near for Stranger Things fans, as the fifth and final season of the Netflix hit has been announced. Not much is known about Stranger Things Season 5 will include, but its star Millie Bobby Brown has an idea that is the complete opposite of the sci-fi series that may just be crazy enough to work.

In an interview with CinemaBlend’s sister site Total Film (via Games Radar), Millie Bobby Brown throws around the idea of writing an episode of Stranger Things before the show comes to an end. She also wants to do an episode, preferably the series finale, similar to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s famous musical episode, she elaborated on this point by saying:

I’d love to be the writer! I’d make it more of a musical. But, you know, they don’t entrust it in the hands of me, which they should [laughs]. Trust me: I can do the finale to Stranger Things, and it would be great. I think it should be like It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Did you ever see the musical episode? It needs to end like that – a musical episode.

The episode that the Games Radar story references is the Season 13 finale of It's Always Sunny, “Mac Finds His Pride.” The episode sees Rob McElhenney's character Mac getting recruited for a Gay Pride Parade float, but he struggles with coming out to his father, Luther (Gregory Scott Cummins). In turn, Mac decides to break out into a dance, which was both heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time. The series also did a full-on musical episode in Season  4 when Charlie staged a rock opera based on his song “Nightman.” So there are definitely a few ways to have Sunny inspire Brown's vision for a Stranger Things musical episode.

While it’s very likely Brown was just joking, and a musical episode will probably not happen, it’s not completely out of the picture since a lot of the cast actually have musical backgrounds. Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, and Sadie Sink have been on Broadway, with Matarazzo even returning to the stage very recently. Plus, it’s pretty hard to forget that “Never Ending Story” scene from Season 3. In 2017, Finn Wolfhard formed the band Calpurnia, which lasted for two years, but they released an EP. He is a current member of The Aubreys, though. Maya Hawke, meanwhile, has been hard at work on her own music, recently releasing her second album called Moss.

A lot of shows have done singular musical episodes, even if they didn’t necessarily fit with the overall storyline. A musical episode, however way it went, would definitely be a good way to ease us into the end of Stranger Things. It could even keep things light until the final credits roll, while also showcasing the cast’s talent. Perhaps the kids feel the need to be musical after taking a trip to the Upside Down? Or, following It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s lead, someone can have a breakthrough moment through song and/or dance.

Millie Bobby Brown isn’t the only one talking about what should happen on Stranger Things 5. Maya Hawke shared her thoughts on whether Robin should die in the upcoming season, noting how she would love it if it happened since Robin would get her hero moment. Since the Duffer Brothers are shaking things up for Season 5, it’s possible a musical episode or even yet another death of a beloved character will happen.

Perhaps Stranger Things can do another Halloween episode? The Netflix series has been making headlines recently for fans’ insane Stranger Things decorations, so why not take it back to where it all started? Though without someone being taken to the Upside Down, if at all possible.

A premiere date hasn’t been revealed for Stranger Things 5, but keep a lookout on Netflix’s TV schedule to see what’s coming to the streamer soon!

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