Stranger Things' Maya Hawke Gets Honest About How She'd Feel If Robin Died In The Final Season

Maya Hawke in Stranger Things 4
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As Stranger Things fans continue to mourn the events of the Season 4 finale, it’s time to get ready for the upcoming fifth and final season of the popular Netflix series.  The show is no stranger to doing things big and taking things far, even if it means saying goodbye to fan favorites. That in mind, star Maya Hawke has shared her wishes for the final episodes and how she’d feel if Robin died. 

Robin Buckley was introduced in Season 3 of Stranger Things as Steve’s co-worker at Scoops Ahoy. Since then, she has become a beloved character and an integral part of fighting everything that comes out of the Upside Down. Although not much is known about Stranger Things 5, Maya Hawke told Rolling Stone that she actually wouldn’t mind if Robin’s fate turned dark while fighting what could be the biggest threat the kids have dealt with yet:

It's the last season, so people are probably going to die. I would love to die and get my hero's moment. I'd love to die with honor, as any actor would.

Of course, with it being the final season, there will likely be a death or two or even more, and Stranger Things is known for killing off characters that fans have grown attached to – such as Bob Newby and Eddie Munson. While it wouldn’t be ideal for Robin to die just because she is such a great character, it would be interesting to see how that would impact the show, depending on how early or late in the season it happens. 

Learning that Maya Hawke wants Robin to die says a lot and perhaps could influence the Duffer Brothers to actually write it in if it flows well with the story. Although it might be hard to watch, if it works, then we might have to accept it. Plus, if it keeps them from killing off Steve, I am all for it. How he would react to his best friend’s death would be hard, but it’d be a win-lose situation for emotional audiences.

Meanwhile, fans won’t have to worry about new characters coming in for the fifth season, as the Duffer Brothers have previously mentioned their desire to focus on OG Stranger Things characters for the final season. (Though that only means that we will probably get more than one OG character’s death). At least if it’s Robin, we’d be somewhat prepared knowing Maya Hawke wants it that way. 

As for the rest of Season 5, we do know that Eddie’s death will greatly impact Dustin, as the two grew close in the short time they knew each other in Season 4. It’s going to be hard to watch Dustin cope, especially knowing that there will be a time jump when the series comes back. But hopefully whatever death awaits us in the final season won’t be too bad, and if it is, the writers do it justice. 

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