Netflix Is Getting In On The Ghostbusters Action With New Series From Afterlife's Jason Reitman

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The Ghostbusters movies are easily some of the most iconic motion pictures of all time, though one must not forget that the series has had a storied presence on the small screen as well. At this point, it’s been quite some time since viewers have been able to watch the famous paranormal experts on TV, but that’s apparently about to change. Netflix is getting into the ghost-hunting business, as the streamer is reportedly working on a brand-new animated series. Not only that, but the production will also have Afterlife director Jason Reitman returning to work behind the scenes. 

This new cartoon will be executive-produced by Jason Reitman and Gil Kenan, who co-wrote the Afterlife screenplay with Reitman. According to Variety, details on the production are being kept on a need-to-know basis, and a writer is not currently attached. The series comes from Sony Pictures Animation, while Netflix and Ghost Corps. (a branch of Sony’s Columbia Pictures) are tackling things on the production side of things.

The fan-favorite franchise’s reign within the world of animation began in earnest in 1986 with the premiere of The Real Ghostbusters. The show, which continued the adventures of the primary characters from Ivan Reitman’s 1984 film, became a smash hit. It would go on to run seven seasons (and spawn a slew of merchandise) before ending its run in 1991. An edgier sequel series, Extreme Ghostbusters, premiered in 1997, though it only ran one season before being cancelled.

There are a few things to ponder when it comes to this newly revealed production. First of all, what kind of visual style will it have? TRGB sported traditional animation as did Extreme, though many contemporary cartoons have opted to go the CGI route. That would be refreshing in this case, as the it would mark a first for the franchise’s TV fare. However, the nostalgic side of me somewhat hopes that Jason Reitman goes old school here.

Another major question is whether the show will somehow connect to the events of the latest movie (which is believed to have saved the beloved franchise). If it does, the obvious route would be to have it take place after the 2021 flick. Though with a sequel now officially confirmed, the producers may want to reserve any new developments with the new characters for the big screen. The producers could, however, be crafting an original story here, one that could still take place in the main continuity. Whatever the case, Jason Reitman will likely employ the creative sensibilities he utilized for Afterlife, which some would argue improves upon the OG flick.

Children of the ‘80s and ‘90s are sure to get a kick out of the Ghostbusters’ small-screen return. With it, they’ll hopefully be able to share new memories with their children, who make up the franchise’s new generation of fans. Should Jason Reitman and co. craft something special, we could be looking at another animated ghost-busting show with a lengthy run.

So that you can get in on the action if (or when) the new Ghostbusters series happens, be sure that you have a Netflix subscription handy. And right now, keep an eye on CinemaBlend's 2022 Netflix TV schedule for content that's heading to the streamer later this year.

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