Only Murders’ Martin Short Swapped Seats So 7-Year-Old Could Sit With Her Dad. Turns Out, It Was Chance The Rapper

Chance the Rapper and Martin Short
(Image credit: Hot Ones/Hulu)

Celebrities are people who are constantly in the public eye, which can make us feel like we know them. Of course, how a person might present in public and how they really are can be totally different. This is why it’s nice when we learn that somebody we’re a fan of is also an incredibly nice guy. It turns out Only Murders in the Building’s Martin Short is just the guy who will give you his seat on an airplane, as Chance the Rapper recently discovered.

We’ve probably all had a situation on an airplane where due to seat availability or random happenstance, you’re not able to sit with the people you’re traveling with. Chance the Rapper was recently flying with his seven-year-old daughter when he discovered they were not sitting together. Luckily, before he even had a chance to say anything, the man sitting next to him offered to change seats. They were at first thankful, then in shock, when they realized the man sitting next to Chance the Rapper was Martin Short. Chance revealed the encounter on Twitter.

There seems to be something about celebrities meeting each other on airplanes. Chance the Rapper is probably a guy who expects to get recognized a lot and have people get excited when they meet him, so it’s sort of sweet to hear of him having that experience himself. In actuality, it was his daughter who apparently really lit up, as she’s the one who is currently a big fan of Martin Short. He probably looks a bit older than he did in The Santa Clause 3, but she clearly knew who he was. I’m going to guess the kid is probably far less impressed that her own dad is Chance the Rapper, but Martin Short? He’s a celebrity

Chance the Rapper seems to be a bit starstruck here as well, referring to his former seatmate as THE Martin Short. It's maybe not that shocking. Martin Short has had an impressive career.  Of course, Chance is a fan, and also Short did something nice for him. It’s honestly exactly the sort of experience any fan would hope to have with a celebrity, and it turns out other celebrities feel exactly the same way.

I would hope that most people would do what Martin Short did in this situation. It can be a pain to have to switch seats with people and you may be the one getting the short end of the stick when it comes to what seat you end up in, but especially when you’re dealing with a parent and child, just bite the bullet and do the good deed. It’s worth it to your conscience. If we all did that when people asked, then when you needed somebody to do you a solid, it would happen too. 

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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