Pam And Tommy: The Wild Number Of Fake Breasts Lily James Used During Filming

Pam drinking at club in Pam & Tommy
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When you're talking about a TV show that's inherently based around the existence of a sex tape, it's logical to think that the show would involve some nudity. Which is definitely the case with Hulu's star-studded limited series Pam & Tommy, meaning its lead Lily James needed to add body prosthetics to the otherwise already lengthy makeup process needed to transform the Cinderella star into Pamela Anderson. Of course, the prosthetics were also needed even when nudity wasn’t involved, which meant James had to go through several dozen pairs of fake breasts throughout the production process.

To be precise, it was just over four dozen pairs of prosthetic boobs that were utilized throughout Pam & Tommy’s shoot, and there was apparently a daily turnaround for how long the individual pieces were useful. Here’s how it was explained by Jason Collins, the streaming series’ head of make-up, in an interview with The Sun:

They’re made out of gel-filled silicone appliances, which move like real skin and absorb light similarly. We used a new pair every day for filming which meant having 50 made.

Such is the delicate nature of realistic-looking prosthetic breasts in the modern era, as well as the physical energy Lily James brought to her many scenes within Pam & Tommy, that it was more logical to just use a different piece each and every day rather than repair and reuse those that were worn before. So when the actress was first seen rocking the Baywatch swimsuit behind the scenes? She was likely wearing one of the prosthetic pieces. During the show’s actual sex scenes? Definitely wearing one then.

As attention-grabbing as Pamela Anderson’s breasts have been over the years, I think it’s safe to say her face has received even more attention. And so the make-up team on Pam & Tommy also had a lengthy daily process when it came to turning Lily James’ face into that of the model and actress across time. Jason Collins also shined a little light on that process, saying: 

We went through 65 to 70 foreheads throughout shooting.

Lily James talked with CinemaBlend about recreating scenes as Pamela Anderson for Baywatch and Barb Wire, with both projects making cameos of their own during the eight-episode season. Even though the series didn’t get any input from Anderson herself, James certainly put a lot of effort into researching the role, watching hours upon hours of TV show and film performances, as well as interviews and other footage.

Not that Sebastian Stan wasn’t wearing his own prosthetics for Pam & Tommy. It was obviously necessary for the scene in which he carried on a conversation with his penis. And what’s more, the actor recently opened up about wearing a pair of heavy metal balls in his crotch area during filming (which he gave to Jimmy Fallon), as a way of making him feel more manly, as it were. It’s unclear, however, how much more feminine Lily James felt while wearing 50 different gelled-up busts. 

100 or so fake boobs would probably be a gold mine in and of itself to a lot of people who have held Pamela Anderson in high esteem over the years. But instead of waiting on that pile to show up on anyone’s front step, it’s probably easier just to stream new episodes of Pam & Tommy when they hit Hulu every Wednesday morning. It’s not hard to sign up for a new subscription, and for those who already have one, be sure to check out our 2022 TV premiere schedule to see what other new and returning shows are on the way. 

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