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Stranger Things: Eleven's Best Moments On The Netflix Show So Far

The main cast of Stranger Things.
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Does it feel like anyone else is in a constant state of perpetually waiting for Stranger Things Season 4? Because that’s how it feels for me. Every single dang day. Ever since Season 3 came out in 2019, fans all around the world have been waiting to see the continuation of the Duffer brothers creation, but due to delays and, of course, COVID-19, the latest installment has taken some time to come out. 

However, even if we’re still waiting for Season 4 to release on Netflix, we can at least relive one of the best shows on Netflix by binging through the whole series again, which is what I’ve done. And honestly, I’ve come to love Millie Bobby Brown’s famous character, Eleven, even more. So in honor of us still waiting, here are Eleven’s best moments so far on Stranger Things. 

(Spoilers from the first three season of Stranger Things ahead!)

Eleven flips the van in Stranger Things.

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When Eleven Flips The Van (Season 1, “The Bathtub”)

In this iconic scene, Eleven and her friends are trying to out-bike agents who are attempting to capture Eleven. Using her powers, Eleven finds a way to flip the van so her and her friends could escape. While the whole entire bike scene felt like a tribute to the classic Steven Spielberg film, E.T., this moment in particular sent chills up my spine. 

While we have seen Eleven with her powers a couple times before in Stranger Things Season 1, this was one of the first where we really saw how powerful she was. She just straight up lifts her head up, and flips over an entire van into the air to try and escape with her friends. It’s an incredible scene that really makes you sit in shock and awe at the power of this little girl. Talk about scary good. 

Eleven closing the gate in Stranger Things.

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When Eleven Closes The Gate (Season 2, “The Gate”)

Eleven is phenomenal in this scene. She has just come back from her little road-trip with many of the other kids with powers, just like her, wanting to help out Hopper and Mike after her vision of them. While Eleven is standing near the gate at the lab, she unleashes all of her anger towards the Mind Flayer, and successfully closes the gate, while also killing the creatures.

This was one of the few scenes in Season 2 that really stood out to me. In my opinion, Season 2 of Stranger Things wasn’t the best season out of the three so far. I’d say it would be the first season first (of course) followed by the third, and Season 2 is last. But Eleven in this scene was so bad-ass, showing just how far this little girl has come. 

Eleven after removing the parasite in Stranger Things.

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When Eleven Straight-Up Removes A Parasite From Her Leg (Season 3, “The Battle Of Starcourt”)

When Eleven and the group realize there’s a piece of the Mind Flayer embedded in a wound on her leg, she takes it upon herself to get it out of her body. Did anyone else cringe during this scene in Stranger Things? Because I sure as heck did.

Using her powers, and every last ounce of energy, she’s able to remove it, causing exhaustion quickly to set in. However, this one action that saved her life now renders her powerless. Will her powers come back? We really don’t know yet. But what we do know is that it must have hurt like a bitch. But with how this show goes, I would not be surprised if Eleven got her powers back in the first episode of Season 4. Fingers crossed. 

Eleven yelling at Hopper in Stranger Things.

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When Eleven Trashes Her And Hopper’s Home With Her Powers (Season 2, Will The Wise)

When Eleven was fighting with Hopper about her life, and how she wanted to live it instead of hiding inside his cabin all the time, she loses her temper and uses her powers. Talk about a teenage meltdown. While I do love my coming of age stories, all of which usually have a child-parent fight like this, I have to say that Eleven took it to the max (pun intended).

But of course, this is Eleven, and when Eleven freaks out, she causes mayhem all around her. This includes breaking things inside the home, causing things to fall off the wall, and several other instances - including slamming  the door -- all using her mind. I have to say, I have a lot of respect for David Harbour’s Hopper in Stranger Things, because I don’t think I could deal with that level of a meltdown. 

Eleven walking up to the bullies in Stranger Things.

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When Eleven Saves Mike (Season 1, “The Monster”)

Man, bullies are the worst, am I right? For the entirety of Season 1 of Stranger Things, Mike and his group seemed like they were constantly getting bullied. When these bullies ambush them near a cliff - and one of them tries to kill Mike - Eleven appears and scares them off. 

But not only does she do that. The girl breaks one of their arms, the same guy that had almost killed Mike. They run off scared, and Dustin, proud of his freaky friend, yells after them, “She’ll kill you!” I mean, you’re not wrong, Dustin. She most definitely will. 

Eleven kills the Demogorgon in Stranger Things.

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When Eleven Destroys The Demogorgon (Season 1, “The Upside Down”)

I think all of us collectively started to cry when we saw this. Eleven, who is at the school with her friends at the end of Season 1 of Stranger Things, knows that she must make a heavy decision. So, in order to save her friends lives, she possibly sacrifices her own. 

Through a final scream of her powers, she causes the Demogorgon to disintegrate, but in doing so, she disappears. We do find out not long after that she’s okay, but seeing that look of sadness on Mike’s face always gets me, knowing that he has no idea where his friend (and crush) is.  

Eleven subduing Billy in Stranger Things.

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When Eleven Faces Off Against Billy (Season 3, “The Sauna Test”)

Billy ends up being the big baddie of Season 3 of Stranger Things once his mind is taken over, and when the gang starts to realize that Billy isn’t himself, they decide to put him to the test - through a sauna. It backfires - but Eleven finds a way to save the day again. 

The heat causes the Mind Flayer within Billy to go berserk once he is trapped. However, Billy finds a way out and escapes. He nearly kills the whole gang until Eleven faces off against him herself, using her powers to subdue him so they could stay alive. Again, this is the same girl whose powers were once only used to make a LEGO Millennium Falcon float, and now here she is, literally taking down a man, twice her size, possessed by some psychopath monsters. She is the ultimate badass. 

Eleven and Mike dancing at the Snow Ball in Stranger Things.

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When Eleven Finally Goes To The Snow Ball (Season 2, “The Gate”)

Taking a break from the intense moments of Eleven’s life, let’s look at something that was super sweet, and that’s when Eleven finally gets to go to the Snow Ball. At the very end of Season 1 of Stranger Things, right before Eleven vanished, Mike asks her to go to the Snow Ball. It’s awkward in all the right ways, but cute. 

Now, after she’s come back, and is reunited with everyone and everything seems safe, she finally gets her chance to go. And looking at her, all dressed up, dancing with Mike - I can’t tell you how much serotonin this one moment brings me. This poor girl has been through everything and seeing her so happy is something that truly makes me smile. Definitely one of the most heartwarming scenes from the show

Benny and Eleven in Stranger Things.

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When Eleven Bonds With Benny (Season 1, “The Vanishing Of Will Byers”)

Chris Sullivan from the This Is Us cast plays the diner owner, Benny, in the pilot episode of Stranger Things, and he is the sweetest guy to little Eleven, who had no idea where she was, who she is, or who's coming after her next. But Benny doesn’t treat her horribly. Instead, he makes her food, treats her like a human being, and makes sure she is comfortable. 

And Eleven, for a moment, looks safe, before those jerks from the lab come there and kill Benny after he called CPS. It’s a shame his own concern for the girl led to his own doom. Ah, Benny, the character that I wish we got more of. May he rest in peace.

Eleven and Max in Stranger Things.

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When Eleven Gets A Makeover With Max (Season 3, “The Mall Rats”)

Max and Eleven are best friend goals and I will fight anyone who doesn't agree. In Season 3 of Stranger Things, Max, who is completely anti-boy (despite dating Lucas), takes Eleven out on a girls day at the mall, getting her new clothes, ice cream, and making her actually feel like a teenage girl for the first time. 

It’s a small moment compared to many of Eleven’s major moments, but it’s a sweet one all the same. Eleven's story has always been so focused around the boys for these last two seasons that it’s refreshing to see her get along with Max so well, especially since their relationship got off to quite the bumpy start in Season 2. Plus, them using Eleven’s powers to listen in on the boys' young teenage conversations was hilarious.

Eleven in the bathtub in Stranger Things.

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When Eleven Goes Into The Bath (Season 1, “The Bathtub”)

Last up, we have Eleven going into the bath at the end of Season 1 of Stranger Things. She uses her powers while floating in a sensory-deprivation tank. There, she not only finds Barb dead, but realizes that Will is alive in the Upside Down version of his backyard fort.

It’s this game-changing moment that actually helps them finally rescue Will at the end of the first season, giving them a real chance at bringing them home. Writing it now, it almost feels pale in comparison to everything else she has done, but at the same time, no one can deny that without Eleven’s help, Will would most certainly be dead. 

God, just writing about this makes me want Season 4 even more. Thankfully, Season 4 has wrapped - not if I could just get a new trailer, I’d be content. 

If you want to re-watch Stranger Things like me, check it out on Netflix here.  

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