Tony Dalton: What To Watch If You Like The Better Call Saul Actor

Lalo in Better Call Saul.
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As someone who has watched a lot of TV and movies, I’ve noticed several stars who have truly started to grow their fanbase more and more. As a young Latinx woman who has watched many Hispanic movies and TV shows, one person I’ve seen pretty consistently in my life is Tony Dalton. 

While he’s most recently gained a lot of fame for portraying the villain Lalo Salamanca on the Breaking Bad prequel, Better Call Saul, Tony Dalton has been around in the business for many years, working in both Mexico and the United States and starring in several television shows and movies. If you’re a fan of the Better Call Saul actor, here are some other things you can watch starring Tony Dalton. 

Tony Dalton in Flor Savaje.

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Flor Salvaje (Pluto TV)

First up on the list, we have Flor Salvaje. This telenovela from Mexico tells the story of a young girl who loses both her brother and mother in one day, and in order to support her family, she becomes a prostitute at a local club, getting involved in scandals, drama, and so much more. 

Tony Dalton plays Don Rafael Urrieta, and if you thought he was dramatic in Better Call Saul, you should see him acting in this telenovela. For those who don’t know what a telenovela is - think of the most basic soap opera you can think of, like Days of Our Lives or The Bold and the Beautiful. Place that soap opera in Mexico, and dial the drama up by 100 - that is what a telenovela is, and yes, it is as entertaining as you would believe it to be. Dalton exceeds expectations in roles such as this - and this won’t be the only telenovela of his on this list. 

Stream Flor Salvaje on Pluto TV.

Tony Dalton in Ni Tuyo Ni Mia.

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Ni Tuyo Ni Mía (Pantaya)

Next up, we have the Mexican film, Ni tuyo, Ni mía. In this comedy-drama, a young woman discovers that her husband, who seems to be the ultimate guy, is cheating on her. But, instead of revenge, she decides to join forces with her husband’s lover and figure out where she went wrong - and win him back. 

Tony Dalton plays Roberto, the said husband of this movie, and he is as charming as he is funny. This film is ridiculous in all the right ways and honestly, one I’ve genuinely enjoyed the heck out of. If you’re a fan of romantic comedies, I think that this Mexican film is one that you’ll really like.

Stream Ni Tuyo, Ni Mía on Pantaya.

Tony Dalton on Hawkeye

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Hawkeye (Disney+)

I feel like you can’t really list an actor's movies and shows these days without mentioning at least one Marvel Cinematic Universe project. In Hawkeye, the legendary hero teams up with a newbie in order to confront enemies who are looking to get revenge on him from his past mistakes, turning his holiday season upside down. 

Tony Dalton portrays Jack Duquesne, someone who seems suspicious at first but ends up being an ally near the end, and honestly, I love watching him in this role. It again gives him the opportunity to share his charming charisma with the rest of the world while also showing off some badass moves with his swords. Out of many of the Marvel Disney+ shows that have come out, Hawkeye has still remained one of my favorites, mainly because of the great Hawkeye cast, which Dalton only adds to. 

Stream Hawkeye on Disney+.

Tony Dalton in Amar No Es Querer.

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Amar No Es Querer (Pantaya)

Next up, we have the romance film, Amar no es querer. In this film, a young woman is married to a man who doesn’t appreciate what she does - helping the needy. But when he ends up in a coma, she decides to move on with her life and find love for herself. 

Tony Dalton portrays Samuel - the husband in the coma - but I promise, he’s not in it for super long. He gets to show off his drama skills as usual. Out of all the picks on this list, I’ll admit that this is one of those where you only need to watch it once - pure romance movies just aren’t my favorite. But, if you love the idea of true love and falling all over again, then this movie is for you. 

Stream Amar No Es Querer on Pantaya.

Tony Dalton in Dueños Del Paraíso

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Dueños Del Paraíso (Peacock)

Next up, we have another telenovela, called Dueños del paraíso. This show follows a young woman who wants to gain the power and wealth she has always dreamed of. In order to get it, she uses the business of her former husband, getting her hands dirty in more ways than one. 

While the basic premise sounds so - well, basic - this telenovela is full of great moments and instances that made me snort. It’s just so dramatic in the best way, and again, what makes it even better is the acting from everyone. Tony Dalton, who portrays Renato Maldonado, is fantastic in his role and shows off his dramatic acting, in a time that was way before his entrance on Better Call Saul, and honestly, he’s so good. It’s amazing to think that he started his career doing telenovelas like this and landed in such huge shows. 

Stream Duenos del Paraiso on Peacock.

Tony Dalton in Amalgama.

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Amalgama (Pantaya)

Definitely my favorite on this list is Amalgama. In this film, we follow three men and one woman who decide to run away together for a special weekend to the Mayan Riviera, but while they are there, they end up experiencing things they never thought would happen.

Tony Dalton plays Dr. Saul Bravo, one of the dentists and a part of this small cast, and personally, I think that gives them more room to shine. I really enjoy films like this where there aren’t that many cast members, so you really get to see the talent of each individual actor. Tony Dalton plays Dr. Bravo so well, and has some of the best scenes, further proving his talent as a dramatic actor. Also, I just love hearing him speak Spanish - but that’s a me thing. The cinematography in this movie is fantastic, too. So many great shots. 

Stream Amalgama on Pantaya.

Tony Dalton in The Perfect Dictatorship.

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The Perfect Dictatorship (Netflix)

You know, sometimes, you just want a really funny political comedy so you can learn to laugh at the stress of the world. So, I am going to turn you on to a Mexican political comedy, The Perfect Dictatorship, otherwise known as La dictadura perfecta. Based on a true story, this movie tells the tale of what can happen when bribes and scandals are made public, and citizens begin to believe that democracy is a farce. 

Tony Dalton portrayed the Director of TV MX, otherwise known as Pepe, a big character in the movie and someone who really drives it in a certain direction. What he really shines at is his comedic timing, because while the film has very serious moments, I found myself laughing quite a bit, and that was thanks to the great timing from the actors. Dalton was a huge part of that and I would willingly watch it again. 

Stream The Perfect Dictatorship on Netflix.

Tony Dalton in Sr. Ávila.

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Sr. Ávila (HBO Max)

Moving on, we have a great HBO Latin America show that you should watch. Starring Tony Dalton, Sr. Ávila follows Roberto Ávila, who works as a funeral parlor employee by day, and a hitman by night, taking out the trash and risking his life, deciding who gets to live, and who gets to die. 

I sort of look at Sr. Ávila as the predecessor to Dalton’s role as Lalo Salamanca on Better Call Saul. Tony Dalton is freaking scary in this role, and he rocks that star quality that you would expect him to have. He has this charisma that is unbeatable, but when you piss him off, he gets upset, and will literally take you out, making him a terrifying villain. What makes this show even better is that the stories just take more twists and turns as the series progresses. 

Stream Sr. Avila on HBO Max.

Tony Dalton in Sense8.

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Sense8 (Netflix)

I think everyone at some point has heard of Sense8, the show from Netflix that was cancelled far too soon. In this Netflix series, eight people discover that they have a special connection, where they are mentally and emotionally linked, and over time, start to come together to figure out what this means for the future. 

Tony Dalton wasn’t a part of the main cast of Sense8, but he was a recurring guest star for several episodes, playing Lito’s agent, someone who was aiding Lito, a main character. He wasn’t in the show that often, I remember his scenes with Lito very clearly, and it’s obvious why he ended up in bigger roles afterwards. He fit in so well with the cast - and I have a feeling that if the show had run for more seasons, we would have seen more of Tony Dalton in some way. 

Stream Sense8 on Netflix.

Tony Dalton on Better Call Saul.

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Better Call Saul (Netflix)

It’s why you’re here, isn’t it? Better Call Saul is the prequel to Breaking Bad, the legendary AMC show. In Better Call Saul, we follow the origin story of Saul Goodman, originally known as Jimmy McGill, a criminal-turned-lawyer who winds up serving the wrong kind of people, becoming the crooked lawyer that we all know him as today. 

Tony Dalton portrays Lalo Salamanca in Better Call Saul and again, this man is scary. If you’ve seen him in Sr. Ávila, this is like that character, except take away all the niceness. 

While I don’t think any antagonist in the Breaking Bad world could beat Gus Fring, Lalo comes pretty damn close. He’s ruthless, brutal, and the perfect way to show that not only can Dalton act his butt off, but he can be terrifying too. Cast him in a horror movie, I need to see him as a villain after this drama comes to an end. I still have so many Better Call Saul questions about his character.

Stream Better Call Saul on Netflix.

While Tony Dalton is really just getting started in U.S. roles, I’m sure it’ll only be a matter of time before we get to see him in more, and if you’re looking for something else that this fantastic actor has done, be sure to check out his previous work in the Mexican film industry. You won’t regret it. 

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