Better Call Saul Season 6: 6 Big Questions We Have After The Mid-Season Finale

Bob Odenkirk in Better Call Saul.
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We’re half-way through the finale season of Better Call Saul. And boy, do I have questions. 

As part of the 2022 TV schedule, Better Call Saul is wrapping up its six-season run this year, and most recently, the Better Call Saul Season 6 mid-season finale premiered, and a lot of stuff happened. Now, with the second half of the season coming out in July 2022, there’s some time to ask the important questions about the crazy cliffhanger it left us on. 

So, let’s get into six questions that we have following the events of the latest episode - the ones we hope get answered before the show ultimately concludes. And, obviously, big spoilers for the mid-season finale of Better Call Saul Season 6.

Patrick Fabian in Better Call Saul

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How Did Jimmy Get Hamlin’s P.I. On His Side? Or Even Find Out About Him? 

One of the big plot points of Better Call Saul Season 6 that we needed to remember beforehand was that Hamlin (Patrick Fabian) was on a mission to take down Jimmy (played by the wonderful Bob Odenkirk) after all the schemes that he has put him through, so much so that he hired a private investigator to hunt Jimmy down and see what the lawyer was up to. 

But, in the mid-season finale, it was revealed that the P.I. that Hamlin hired was working for Jimmy all along, and willingly went along with Jimmy and Kim’s (played by Rhea Seehorn) plans to take him down at a meeting about the Sandpiper case. One question continually popping up in my mind is how the hell did Jimmy even know about the P.I.?

Many people would probably come and say that he just found out because he’s Saul and he has eyes everywhere, but I genuinely do not remember a scene where Jimmy met up with this man and bribed him into working with him. It just doesn’t make sense in my eyes. Maybe we’ll get some sort of flashback that explains this later on, but I think it just might be a little bit of a plothole. 

Lalo in Better Call Saul.

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What Is Lalo Planning On Doing With Kim And Jimmy?

Lalo (Tony Dalton) has had quite the adventure in Season 6 of Better Call Saul, moving from Mexico to Germany to back to good old Albuquerque, New Mexico. In the mid-season finale, it looked as if Lalo was going to take down Gus and all his men, but near the end, it’s revealed that he actually left that area and went to Jimmy and Kim’s apartment. 

What happens after is a plethora of bad decisions and huge changes to the show, but one can’t help but wonder what Lalo is planning on doing with the two of them. I feel like his fight isn’t really with Jimmy and Kim, considering his main goal has been to take out Gus Fring (played by the amazing Giancarlo Esposito) and his men for some time now, which makes me wonder what he wants Jimmy’s advice for. 

Knowing Lalo, it’s going to be something quite illegal, considering the lengths to which he was willing to go in order to prevent witnesses to their conversation 

Howard in Better Call Saul.

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How Is Howard’s Death Going To Be Covered Up?

The big cliffhanger of the Better Call Saul Season 6 mid-season finale had me gasping. Howard Hamlin, a character from the very first season of the show, was shot point-blank in the head by Lalo in the last minute of the show, ending his character very tragically, and starting a whole domino effect of bad decisions, most likely. 

I had a feeling that Howard was going to be taken out - as he’s not seen in Breaking Bad whatsoever, or even mentioned - but I had no idea it was going to happen this early in the season, and now, I feel genuinely concerned about what Jimmy and Kim are going to do with Howard. 

It’s not like he’s an unknown man. He has a wife, a very prominent job, and many other factors that are going to make hiding his dead body or covering up how he died very difficult. And, with Lalo involved, it’s going to be dangerous. One screw-up and then it’s all over for them. 

Saul and Kim in Better Call Saul.

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What Exactly Is Next For Jimmy And Kim Now That Howard Has Been Killed?

Jimmy and Kim, for the first half of Season 6 of Better Call Saul, have been constantly trying to get Howard in trouble, from planting fake drugs in his locker to impersonating him to show him with hookers, all the way to this heavily planned picture scheme in the mid-season finale. Now that Howard has met his unfortunate demise, what’s next for Jimmy and Kim? 

Obviously, a good part of that is going to have to include Lalo (with that intense cliffhanger the show left us on), but I don’t know if that will last for the next six episodes. Are they going to try and step away from crime now that one of their former co-workers was killed? Are they going to be hunted down more by Lalo’s men? What’s going to happen to Kim since she isn’t mentioned in Breaking Bad, but Lalo is mentioned? So many questions, so little time. 

To be honest, if Kim ends up working with Lalo, I’m going to need a spinoff, as soon as possible, please. 

Gus in Better Call Saul.

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How Will Gus Ultimately Protect The Meth Lab From Lalo? 

Obviously, Gus doesn’t lose his “mother of all meth labs” in Better Call Saul, as we see it very much in both Season's 3 and 4 of Breaking Bad. However, one can’t help but wonder how on earth Gus is going to stop Lalo from destroying it. 

The man is committed to ending Gus, going so far as to travel to another country as a high-level criminal in order to get information, and camping out in sewers for four days to see how this supposed meth lab works. Since the meth lab makes an appearance in Breaking Bad, though, how are Gus, Mike (played by Jonathan Banks), and the rest of his men going to stop Lalo’s reign of terror? I can’t wait to see this truly amazing TV villain stop another fun TV villain. 

Walter and Jesse in Breaking Bad.

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How Are Walter And Jesse Going To Come Into The Picture Down The Line?

As reported in April 2022, it was announced that the main characters of Breaking Bad, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman (played by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, respectively), would return for the final season of Better Call Saul, but my biggest question is how are they going to appear? 

If you noticed in the mid-season finale, the big donation check that Gus was taking a picture with in the gymnasium is marked 2004, so that means that Season 6 is approximately four years before the events of Breaking Bad begin, so how exactly are these two partners in crime going to appear in this show? 

I’m thinking that there will probably be some sort of time jump - or maybe, even in the black and white sections with Jimmy acting as “Gene” and perhaps there’ll be some sort of illusion. Whatever the case, it’s going to be exciting to see these two together on the small screen once again.

I can’t wait to see what’s next for Better Call Saul Season 6. While the fact that the show is ending is sad, I’ll always love the brilliant storytelling that this show gave us season after season, and can’t wait to see how they wrap up Saul Goodman’s story. 

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