True Detective's Matthew McConaughey And Woody Harrelson Are Reuniting For A Very Different New Show

Rust and Marty in a field in True Detective Season 1
(Image credit: HBO)

Years after Woody Harrelson's Cheers role kicked off his Hollywood career, he returned to the small screen alongside first-time TV star Matthew McConaughey to blow HBO viewers' minds for two months via True Detective. Much splendor was had, and though the standout twisty mystery drama brought in new characters in follow-up seasons, fans such as yours truly have wanted to see the two Texan actors paired up again in for more episodic bliss. Now, we can all rejoice, for that glorious day has come!

At least, the day has come for the announcement part of that process, as Apple TV+ revealed it has ordered to series a new project with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson once more paired up for what will no doubt be amazing television, even if it won’t be anything like True Detective. The currently untitled project is being created by the Emmy-winning David West Read, of Schitt’s Creek fame.

Rather than leaning into their talents for playing against-type characters, the new streaming series will give McConaughey and Harrelson the chance to play heightened versions of themselves. It’s described as a “heartfelt odd couple love story” that will be partially focused on the unique and wonderful kinship that the two friends hold near and dear. The other part of the focus, however, will serve to test that bond as the two actors’ families come together as one to try and live together in peace on McConaughey’s Texas ranch. I’m going to guess that things will go less than alright, alright, alright, or there wouldn’t be much of a point to the show. 

Yeah right. I’d totally watch the Dazed and Confused and Kingpin vets just hanging out all day and shooting the shit without any narrative or format, possibly with a bunch of weed and booze involved. Maybe I also want to “audition” for this “show.”

In any case, Matthew McConaughey and Harrelson will also serve as executive producers for the Apple TV+ comedy, with Skydance Pictures serving as the studio. Also taking on EP duties will be showrunner David West Read, who has already helped to write for some of the funniest TV characters in the modern era, as a writer and producer for Schitt’s Creek starting in its third season. He’s also behind one of the streaming platform’s latest comedies, an adaptation of M.O. Walsh’s novel The Big Door Prize, which features a stacked cast including Chris O’Dowd, Gabrielle Dennis, Ally Maki, Damon Gupta and Josh Segarra, among others. (I would adore seeing Scream VI and The Other Two’s Segarra also popping up on McConaughey’s farm, if any casting directors are reading this.) 

Woody Harrelson spoke previously about how much his co-star got on his nerves while filming True Detective, in that McConaughey totally immersed himself in the role of Rust Cohle to the point where musings of violence were had. I can’t imagine that’ll be the case, unless there’s a point when Matty Mac becomes too much like himself to be tolerable. Is that the singularity? An apocalypse? 

Everyone with an Apple TV+ subscription can just sit back and relax while waiting for more news about this new comedy series. And that relaxing should probably include checking out our Ted Lasso refresher ahead of watching Season 3 when it premieres on Wednesday, March 15. Not to mention streaming The Big Door Prize for its March 29 debut, with Season 2 of Foundation hitting this summer! 

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