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Upload Season 2: What To Remember From The First Season Of The Amazon Prime Series

The two stars of Upload.
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After what seems like an eternity (or an instant if were shut off after using up all your allotted data), the hit Amazon Prime Video original series Upload is finally returning to the popular streaming service with a second batch of episodes. But before you travel back to 2033 and spend more time with Nathan Brown (Robbie Amell), Nora Antony (Andy Allo), and the rest of the residents and “angels” of Lakeview digital afterlife, you’ll probably want to refresh your memory about what happened in the show’s first season.

If you want to relieve some of the biggest moments before you start Upload Season 2, which debuts March 11 for Amazon Prime Subscribers, you have come to the right place because we have put together a quick yet comprehensive guide breaking down everything you’ll want to remember. This is will be especially helpful for those with damaged memory files.

Andy Allo

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Nathan Was Working On A Free Alternative To Upload Before His Death

Before he was severely injured in a self-driving car accident and uploaded to Lakeview by his wealthy and possessive girlfriend Ingrid Kannerman (Allegra Edwards), Nathan Brown was a talented computer programmer who was working on a free alternative to the multi-billion-dollar industry that would make the digital afterlife more accessible for those who can’t afford the exuberant cost. The only thing is Nathan loses all memory of this part of his life during the uploading process, with it later being revealed that someone was purposely sabotaging his memory and life’s work. 

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Nora Became A Target When Investigating Nathan’s Death

Over the course of Upload Season 1, a couple of people begin to look into the strange circumstances of Nathan’s death (self-driving cars were supposed to be impossible to crash), including the Fran Booth (Elizabeth Bowen), Nathan’s cousin who ended up dying in an accident of her own. The other, Nora Antony, later finds herself the target of the conspiracy that led to Nathan’s premature death, following a series troubling discoveries.

First, there were the corrupted memory files that mysteriously vanished from Nora’s computer. Then came the death of Josh Pitzer (Scott Patey), who was working on a deal with Nathan prior to his passing. And then there was the mysterious assassin who broke into Nora’s apartment and attempted to kill her. And if it weren’t for Nathan — and the programming tool that allowed him to trap the mystery man in an elevator and kill him — Nora would have been toast. However, the person, or persons, behind it all remains one of the show's biggest questions moving forward.

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Nathan’s Damaged Memories Were Restored

Nathan’s memories were finally restored during the Lakeview 8.9 upgrade in the Upload Season 1 penultimate episode. And while Nathan received some answers about his past and what could have possibly led to his death, there were unforeseen consequences from the upgrade. One of the most devastating was the discovery that Jamie (Jordan Johnson-Hinds), Nathan's best friend and business partner, didn’t sell him out, it was Nathan who may have secretly handed over the software to Oliver Kannerman (Barclay Hope) shortly before his passing.

The revelations that came from these once-damaged memories would have a devastating effect on Nathan, Nora, and everyone else involved with his life. These memories also further cemented Nathan’s plan to find somewhere else to spend his digital afterlife, somewhere he wouldn’t be controlled or threatened by Ingrid and her impulses.

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Nathan And Nora’s Relationship Was Left In An Awkward Position

Before Nathan awoke from his post-update slumber, Nora feared he would have no recollection of their friendship and budding romantic relationship. And at first, that appeared to be the case as Nathan acted as if he didn’t remember anything about her or if she was a human or not. He did this because he was so ashamed of himself after regaining his lost memories and didn’t want to face her.

Nora was just as shocked as Nathan when she learned of her love interest’s dark past before he was uploaded and felt fooled by the digital consciousness for which she had fallen in love. Once Nathan helped her escape her pursuer in the Upload Season 1 finale, Nora decided to leave New York City and hide upstate with her hook-up buddy Byron (Matt Ward) until things blew over, effectively putting her relationship with Nathan on hold for the time being.

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Nathan Ended Upload Season 1 In The 2 Gig Room

Even before his memory was restored, Nathan had already decided to become a “2 Gig,” and live in the bowels of Lakeview (but only after securing a loan from Jamie). In case you forgot, the 2 Gig area of the digital afterlife was perhaps the most depressing part about the show with characters like the little girl pushing a paper towel roll in the hallway or the young boy only being able to read the first few pages of a Harry Potter novel. 

And nearly as soon as Nathan made it to his room in the 2 Gig portion of Lakeview, he used up all of his data confessing to Nora before helping her escape the knife-wielding assassin, leaving him frozen until he received another allotment of data the following month. There he sat, frozen in time in what can pretty much be described as the digital version of Titanic’s third-class boardings.

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Ingrid Uploaded Herself To Be With Nathan

Over the course of Upload’s first season, there are few characters who changes the way viewers think of them more than Ingrid. In the beginning, Ingrid is introduced as a wealthy, needy, and possessive young woman who would rather have her boyfriend wait in a digital afterlife until her death than let him die. But over time, we began to see Ingrid’s true character as a person who stood up for herself and what she thought was the right thing to do.

We saw this when Ingrid stood up for Nathan’s niece, Nevaeh (Chloe Coleman) and kicked her own family out of her house and then again later on when she admitted to her father that she was the one who changed Nathan’s car safety setting to protect the occupant (saving his life in the crash). And although she still had her flaws, Ingrid became a more sympathetic character and seemed less unstable when she surprised Nathan in the Upload Season 1 ending by uploading herself to be with him.

If you don't have time to stream Upload on Amazon (opens in new tab), hopefully all of this helps you get caught up to speed with the series so far before Season 2 premieres March 11. And in the event you want to know what else is coming to the small screen (and streaming devices), check out CinemaBlend’s 2022 TV schedule.

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