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What's Going On With Netflix's Virgin River Season 4? Alexandra Breckenridge Offers Positive Update

Fans of the Netflix romantic hit Virgin River were delighted when the series was renewed for both Season 4 and 5 back near the end of September 2021. Unfortunately, while we’ve heard some hints from the showrunner about what stories we might see in Season 4, there’s been no confirmation on a release date or any word on filming from the streamer. Luckily, star Alexandra Breckenridge has offered fans a positive update, making it sound like we could see Virgin River Season 4 sooner rather than later. 

What Did Alexandra Breckenridge Say About Virgin River Season 4?

While there are several recently aired and upcoming romantic TV shows for viewers to enjoy as they await the return of Virgin River, sometimes there’s nothing like having your favorite series return with brand new episodes that offer up answers to mysteries and pose additional questions for us to ponder. Such is the case with those of us eagerly looking forward to Virgin River Season 4, and Alexandra Breckenridge, who plays everyone’s most beloved small town nurse practitioner / midwife, Mel Monroe, has now given us this positive update on her Instagram Stories (via Hello!): 

I just went and finished my last ADR, for Virgin River. For those of you who don't know what ADR is, I think it stands for audio digital recording. So, say you're working outside and there's a lot of traffic and we can't really hear what you're saying, we have to go into post-production and match our audio to the screen in a sound booth.

For those of you who don’t know much about the production cycle on a television show like Virgin River, this update might not seem like a big deal at all. But, rest assured that Breckenridge saying that she’s wrapped her ADR for the upcoming season is a very good thing. This is one of the last stages of post-production, meaning that Season 4 is totally filmed, and the lead actors are all likely done with their work for it. So, we could actually see the series return at or before the same time of year that it debuted Season 3.

If that’s the case, we’re on a path that would bring us Virgin River Season 4 by this summer, seeing as how the previous season hit Netflix on July 9, 2021. Even though that would still be about four months away, it will be here before we know it. And, it’s worth noting that Breckenridge’s co-star, Martin Henderson, took to his own Instagram roughly six weeks ago to note that he was also in the process of finishing up his work on the season, in a post that showed him in a recording booth and made it seem that he was working on his own ADR. 

Whether we get to see Virgin River Season 4 this summer or a little bit later, it’s once again shaping up to be a great season. With all of the Charmaine problems that we’ve seen, there’s a plot hole that could mean great things for Jack and Mel, and the show seems set to deliver important information about two major cliffhangers, while also exploring one big character a lot more.

You can watch all three seasons of Virgin River on Netflix right now, but for more great entertainment, look into the 2022 TV premiere dates, and see what else is coming to the streamer with the 2022 Netflix TV schedule

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