Why Lindsay Lohan Is Leaving Dubai And Heading To Netflix For Her Very Own Christmas Movie

It’s been some time since Lindsay Lohan has popped up in a film of any sort, but that  will soon change, as Lohan will appear in the Netflix Christmas film Falling for Christmas. Of course, the actress hasn’t been out of the spotlight completely, as she appeared on multiple television projects. Outside of those appearances, she has spent most of her time living in Dubai away from the Hollywood frenzy. Now, with a new film on the horizon, Lohan has returned to the United States. After returning to her home country, the Mean Girls star spilled why she left Dubai to headline a Netflix Christmas movie.

Lindsay Lohan doing a Netflix film might surprise some people, but she has been teasing her cinematic return for years. However, doing so required the Hollywood star to leave her haven for work. But there was more behind her decision, according to the actress. Lindsay Lohan revealed to Health why leaving the metropolis needed to happen at this time:

I was living in Dubai when COVID started—and I realized how much I miss my family. I’m so happy to be back in the States more often for work. I always arrange to be here longer so I can see my family. I’m grateful for them and my fiancé. And I’m enjoying working. That feels refreshing because I started working when I was younger, and it had gotten to a point where I wasn’t enjoying it anymore. So, it feels nice to have this momentum again. I’m appreciative of it and want to keep it up.

At least, Lindsay Lohan's return wasn’t just about her movie career. Like many people, COVID made her miss being with her family. It made everyone take stock of their familial connection, which Lohan seemed to heed. On the flip side, returning to the United States for her film career was the right decision for the Freaky Friday star. Everything related to the film business is located there, and moving back to her home country showed how committed she was to revive her Hollywood career. Still, given the years of paparazzi obsession and some questionable moments, it was in Lindsay Lohan’s best interest to leave the country for her mental health.

The Parent Trap star’s return to mainstream films has been steering around for some time, particularly with her pushing for Mean Girls 2 to happen. Lohan has popped up in a few indie films and reality television shows in recent years, like her MTV docuseries Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club, which has helped keep her name out there. The Christmas romantic comedy came as a welcomed change of pace after it was announced the actress and Netflix were teaming up. It appeared Falling for Christmas will stir up all the Hallmark feels as Lindsay Lohan and co-star Chord Overstreet looked like opposites in the first look at the romantic comedy. The film sounds like a Christmas version of Overboard, as Lohan’s character, a spoiled heiress, loses her memory and finds refuge with Overstreet’s lodge owner.

Right now, it’s unknown when Falling for Christmas will premiere on Netflix. If you want to catch the Lohan-led movie and other great Netflix fare, you can check out our 2022 Netflix movie schedule.

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