After Cancelation, Legends Of Tomorrow's Caity Lotz Reveals What Season 8 Would Have Been About

Caity Lotz's Sara Lance wearing 1910s-era clothing in Legends of Tomorrow
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At the end of Legends of Tomorrow Season 7 (which can now be streamed with a Netflix subscription), the title protagonists and their new ally, Donald Faison’s Mike, a.k.a. Booster Gold, were arrested by Mike’s superiors at the Time Police. It was one of the DC TV show’s most cliffhanger-y endings yet, but unfortunately for fans, it’s not one that will be resolved. Legends of Tomorrow was canceled by The CW the end of April, and now Caity Lotz has revealed what was going to happen in Season 8 had the show continued.

Caity Lotz, the sole remaining original member of the Legends of Tomorrow cast when the show ended last month, attended Motor City Comic Con this past weekend to talk about her time on the series. During the Q&A portion of the panel, the actress, who debuted as Sara Lance on Arrow nearly a full decade ago, revealed that one of Legends of Tomorrow Season 8’s central focuses would have dealt with the characters dealing with the consequences of their time crimes. Lotz explained (via Cosmic Circus):

Um… we were gonna be in jail. So, basically, we’d kind of… [be] learning how to be responsible… Time Masters, so to say, or you know, time travelers, so like a retraining. So they were gonna have us in jail, with a bunch of young cadets and stuff, and then we’re the old-school ones, like ‘We know how to do all of this! But we’re doing it all wrong. And then we have the whole Booster Gold storyline which I thought was gonna be so fun… but that’s kind of all I know about that. And then of course, yeah, Ava and Sara’s kid.

After the Time Bureau shut down following Legends of Tomorrow Season 4, the Legends had gone back to protecting the timeline in their own special way. As it turned out though, there was another organization policing the timeline that didn’t take kindly to the protagonists changing a fixed point in time in the Season 7 finale, namely rescuing Alun, the love interest of Matt Ryan’s Gywn Davies, from dying in World War I. With the Legends being arrested for that and Mike being arrested for dereliction of his duties, naturally picking up with all these characters stuck in prison at the start of Season 8 was only logical.

From there, Legends of Tomorrow Season 8 would have trained alongside a young team of cadets about how to properly protect the timeline, with other plot threads including learning about Donald Faison’s version of Booster Gold and Sara Lance and Ava Sharpe preparing for the arrival of their child. The prison aspect of Season 8 is reminiscent of when Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen was stuck behind bars in Arrow Season 7, although at least the Legends would have also gone through an education program while serving their time. Alas, Legends of Tomorrow was instead canceled alongside Batwoman and numerous other CW shows, so unless it’s someday decided to give the time-traveling DC series proper closure within a comic book series, you’ll just have to imagine how these characters’ stories ended using the information Caity Lotz provided.

The only two Arrowverse series left standing are The Flash and Superman & Lois, both of which are returning for new seasons. The CW has also greenlit Gotham Knights, although that will be a self-contained DC series. Keep track of what’s currently on the air and what’ll premiere later this year with our 2022 TV schedule.

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