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The Batman’s Robert Pattinson Offers Thoughts On Whether Bruce Wayne Is Actually A Hero

Robert Pattinson in The Batman
(Image credit: Warner Bros. )

If there’s one thing we can say for certain about Robert Pattinson’s performance in The Batman, it’s that it’s highly anticipated. Since news first broke in 2019 that he'd been cast as Bruce Wayne, fans have had plenty to say about what he’ll bring to the role. Pattinson, too, has given some hints of what we can expect – including a new insight into how he approached the character’s mindset and his own opinion about whether the Dark Knight is really even a hero at all. 

Robert Pattinson’s entry into the pantheon of actors who’ve played the vigilante has been memorable. The moment he was cast as the titular character in The Batman, a debate rose regarding whether he's suitable to don the Batsuit on the big screen. Though a handful of fans went so far as to sign a petition to have him replaced, the actor didn’t seem to be bothered by the commotion – he made it clear he was putting in the work necessary by adopting a workout regime and diving headfirst into the primary source material to learn more about the character. 

Now as we get closer to the new DC Comics film, he's proving that he's done his homework, as we’re getting some more insights into how Pattinson views the iconic character. He told Daily Record that he thinks things aren’t completely black and white when it comes to Bruce Wayne:

I needed to know about as much of the history of the character as possible to see what hadn’t really been done ... People see Batman as this straight-up heroic character but in our story it really questions what the nature of a hero is and it gives a lot of different angles to it.

This isn’t the first time Robert Pattinson has alluded to the idea that he doesn’t totally buy into Batman being purely a superhero. In 2019, he said that he didn’t think he’s one at all because he doesn’t have superpowers. However, this read on the Caped Crusader’s hero status seems to have less to do with logistics and more to do with his psychology and actions. 

Fans who have been following the production of The Batman probably won’t be too surprised by this revelation, though. There have been plenty of hints that Reeves’ film will show a unique rendering of Gotham City and its inhabitants. Back in 2017, before Pattinson was even cast, the director said the movie will have a Hitchcockian vibe, and that it would give us a chance to see Bruce Wayne's world through his point of view. The lead actor previously said he wants his Wayne to be “frightening.” And the film's trailers have definitively hinted at a more haunting and brutal story than some of the previous films we’ve seen. 

All of the hints and clues still seem to point to the conclusion that Robert Pattinson’s take on the mogul-slash-vigilante will be nuanced and probably unlike anything we’ve seen from other live-action Batmen. How all of these threads will tie together into Pattinson’s portrayal of Batman remains to be seen – but at least we're getting close to finally seeing it. 

The Batman opens in theaters on March 4.