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Viral TikTok Discovers The Batman’s Hidden Post-Credits Message

Robert Pattinson as Batman in The Batman
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The following contains minor spoilers for The Batman.

While additional scenes that take place after the closing credits have have a long history, ever since the Marvel Cinematic Universe made them standard practice, other movies, especially of the blockbuster comic book variety, have begun to include them more often. This means that audiences are hanging out to watch the credits more and more. And if you hung out to watch The Batman you saw there was a small end-credits moment, but you might not have seen everything about it.

A recent TikTok video has gone viral that shows off a message that was a bit harder to see in that final scene, and it leads a viewer to a website where “something is coming.” It seems The Riddler isn’t quite done with us yet. Check out the video to see what you might not have seen before.  

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A web address briefly flashes on the screen during the post-credits scene, the same one that Batman himself discovers in the movie. Discovering it takes you to a coded message written in a similar symbolic alphabet to the one Batman has to deal with. 

While this TikTok video may have clued many into the website, many people obviously did discover the site on their own having watched the movie, and the message, which is a jpg titled “Its_Not_Over_Yet,” has already been decoded. It reads…

You think I’m finished Bat. Perhaps you don’t know the full truth. Every ending is a new beginning. Something is coming.

And what that something is, whatever it is, will be here soon. The screen prior to the message, which you see in the video reads that it is at 3% of loading something is, as of this writing, at 84%. One assumes that when it hits 100% something about this site will change. Whether this will reveal some new clue in an ongoing ARG, or something else, we can’t really guess right now.

These sorts of little online games used to be more commonplace in major pop culture events like movies or video game releases, and while they’re not entirely gone, the popularity of The Batman has made this one of the more high profile examples in recent memory.

It will certainly be interesting to see where things go from here. People love puzzles so we could see this continue and people online taking each new clue to see where it goes. And what exactly is the endgame? Will this puzzle be important to the future of the newest Batman franchise? The movie clearly had an idea where future sequels would be going, and perhaps this puzzle will give us more of that detail.

Dirk Libbey
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