Dwayne Johnson Drops TikTok As Black Adam Officially Wraps, Hilariously 'Reveals' The Villain’s Catchphrase

Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam
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This week we got our first real look at Dwayne Johnson’s big superhero movie, Black Adam. The film looks to have a pretty aggressive and serious tone, which makes sense for the anti-hero character that The Rock is playing. However, based on a new video it looks like Black Adam might still have some laughs, as the main character’s “catchphrase” is ridiculous. 

Dwayne Johnson posted to TikTok upon finishing reshoots for Black Adam, marking an official end to filming on the DC movie. In the clip, Johnson says goodbye to the fans, but he does it in a way that, he claims, Black Adam would say it. Check it out and see what you think. 


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I have to say, Dwayne Johnson dressed as Black Adam is menacing enough that even hearing him say the word “toodaloo” is disturbing. I would be afraid that if I laughed he would hurt me for it. While I’m fairly certain Johnson is just having fun and this isn’t really something Black Adam would say, I assume nothing when it comes to Dwayne Johnson. Also, he probably won’t be saying that other word very often either as I’m assuming Black Adam will be rated PG-13.

While this is certainly Dwayne Johnson having some fun, the fact is that Black Adam is setting itself up to be a pretty serious affair. We’re used to seeing most of our comic book movies blend in some humor with the action, but the trailer here is pretty lacking in one-liners. While DC Universe films tend to be a bit more serious than their Marvel counterparts, they aren’t usually played entirely straight. And Dwayne Johnson movies in general have the actor throwing out the occasional quip, or in the case of Jungle Cruise jokes, a lot. 

It could just be a decision to present the movie in a more serious light, there are a lot of characters that we know are in Black Adam that we don’t really see in the trailer, and they may provide more of the film’s comedy. Black Adam probably isn’t really much of a joker. The man has some anger issues, though we certainly see why in the trailer. 

And having Black Adam as a bit more of a dry and serious character does make some sense. At some point we still expect Black Adam and his archenemy Shazam to cross paths. It will make the two characters stand out more if one of them is really stern while the other is a literal kid in a man’s body. Whether they fight against each other or become allies, or honestly probably both, they’ll be perfect opposites. Black Adam will hit theaters this fall. 

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