DC's Black Adam Trailer Coincidentally Shows Pierce Brosnan's Promising DCEU Potential On An Important Day In 007 History

Pierce Brosnan holds his Dr Fate helmet while looking up stoically in Black Adam.
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Warner Bros’ slate of upcoming DC movies has a lot of impressive entries coming down the line, but one of the most highly anticipated has to be Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam. It’s been a long road that this film has travelled to get to its October release date. As the new trailer for Black Adam is now online, Johnson’s anti-hero isn’t the impressive figure shown, as more of Pierce Brosnan’s Doctor Fate has been revealed.

This is even more of an interesting coincidence, as today just happens to be an important day in Brosnan’s 007 history. Showing off more of the former James Bond’s new DC magic user couldn’t have come at a better time, especially when it’s as impressive as what we’ve seen in the trailer below: 

With the trailer for Black Adam freshly in mind, let’s talk about Pierce Brosnan’s prestigious past and promising present.

Pierce Brosnan talks while sitting in an ornate chair in Black Adam.

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Pierce Brosnan's Black Adam Appearance Already Looks Promising

One of the most important facts about Doctor Fate is that he’s a founding member of the Justice Society. As Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam is about to go head to head with that very body of DC heroes, any interaction between him and Pierce Brosnan’s magical presence feels like it’s to be tense. Wearing an air of stern authority that producer Hiram Garcia notes as Brosnan’s great contribution to the role, the man also known as Kent Nelson is just the sort of character Teth-Adam needs to encounter on his anti-hero’s journey.

Should Black Adam turn out to be the huge success Warner Bros and DC want it to be, this could mean we’ll see more of Pierce Brosnan in the DCEU. Provided, of course, that Doctor Fate survives this film, and that his current actor is interested or contracted to reprise his role. Even in the small bit of action we’ve seen in this trailer, Brosnan’s hypothetical spot in this comic universe is something that feels right. 

Pierce Brosnan smiling slightly at the casino in Goldeneye.

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The Important 007 Milestone That Black Adam Trailer Shares Today With

I may not totally believe in fate, but I’m always open to the interpretation that sometimes events align for a reason. Today’s debut of the Black Adam trailer happens to be one of those coincidences that makes me smile as a James Bond fan, as this also happens to be the day that Pierce Brosnan was announced as 007 back in 1994. 

While the official James Bond social media channels, among other sources, claim this event took place on June 7th, that was the day that the official invitation to his unveiling went out. This is confirmed by the official fax that went out, as shared by MI6-HQ. As Brosnan's legacy of 007 action happened to start with that 1994 announcement, having fresh footage of his heroism in Black Adam almost sounds like a celebration of the adventure driven role that helped boost his profile with Goldeneye.

Today marks both the beginning of Pierce Brosnan’s era as James Bond, as well as quite possibly our best look at his future in the DCEU through Black Adam. If history had played out differently, Brosnan would have starred in The Living Daylights as planned, and we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. We can thank contractual obligations for the timing that brought us here today, so maybe fate does exist in Pierce Brosnan’s eventual casting as Doctor Fate. 

People just might start asking him that very question when DC’s Black Adam picks a fight with whoever stands in his way on October 21. Speaking of fate and timing, there’s also a handy rundown of all the other upcoming movies headed to a theater near you throughout the year, just in case you want to see what sort of mortal competition will be standing up to Dwayne Johnson’s mighty and menacing character. 

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