Justice League’s Zack Snyder Had Just Three Words For Matt Reeves After New The Batman Trailer

If you were one of the many fans who tuned in for DC FanDome this weekend, chances are you were able to feast your eyes on the second trailer for Matt Reeves’ The Batman. There was a ton of new footage, which gave viewers a better look into the filmmaker’s take on the Dark Knight’s world. In short, it was pretty amazing. As you would expect, the trailer caught the attention of quite a few people within the entertainment industry. This includes Justice League director Zack Snyder, who responded to it with just three words. 

The Army of the Dead filmmaker doesn’t jump onto social media quite as often as he did while he was promoting his long-awaited Snyder Cut. However, new pieces of cinematic art are enough to draw him out. Sometime after the trailer dropped on Saturday, he took to Twitter to deliver some cool and concise thoughts on The Batman:

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We love to see directors showing support for their peers, and I definitely agree with Zack Snyder’s sentiments. In addition, Matt Reeves actually spotted his fellow DC filmmaker’s message a little later, and he dropped a sweet reply:

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It’s probably fair to say the two men likely feel a kinship of sorts with one another. They both operate in the world of film and also have ties to the realm of DC Comics. More specifically, both have worked on big-screen adaptations of the Batman mythos. As both clearly have different takes, I’d imagine that Zack Snyder is excited to see what his colleague plans to do. 

The 300 filmmaker isn’t the only one to praise this new take on the Caped Crusader, either. James Gunn, the man behind The Suicide Squad and Guardians of the Galaxy, has named The Batman his most anticipated DC Comics film. Gunn explained that this is due to the fact that Matt Reeves’ “artistry can be seen in every film he's directed, no matter how big.” The director appreciates how Reeves’ personal voice is never drowned out, regardless of whether the project is more commercial. With Reeves’ past films like Let Me In and the Planet of the Apes trilogy in mind, it’s hard to disagree with Gunn.

When it comes to The Batman, the filmmaker seems to have crafted a very specific vision. Jeffrey Wright, who plays James Gordon, has shared a number of details on this new version of the DC hero. According to him, viewers are in for a “badass” interpretation of Bruce Wayne and a more tangible Gotham City. This all seems apparent in the latest trailer, which shows off the bleakness of the famed comic book location as well as the edginess of the titular protagonist. Check out the trailer for yourself down below:

Viewers are going to be seeing a lot of this new world in the future, too, as Matt Reeves is currently developing a few prequel spinoff series for HBO Max. One show is set to take place a year before the events of the film and shed light on the corruption present in the Gotham City Police Department. The other will supposedly center on the rise of Colin Farrell’s Oswald Cobblepot and is reportedly being compared to Scarface. There’s not much more info available on the projects, yet these tidbits alone are enough to get one excited.

But first, we can look forward to seeing the motion picture that’s set to kick off this budding universe. With Matt Reeves at the helm, there’s plenty to be excited about, and we can only hope that the movie lives up to the hype. 

The Batman is set to hit theaters on March 4, 2022. 

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