How The Batman's HBO Max Spinoff Will Connect To Robert Pattinson's Movie

The Dark Knight is set to return to the big screen in the form of Matt Reeves’ The Batman, which will see Robert Pattinson don the iconic cape and cowl. However, fans will have more than just another solo film to look forward to when it comes to this franchise. The highly anticipated film is also getting a police-centric spinoff series on HBO Max, which will take place prior to the events of the film. Some are probably curious about the specific connections the show will have with the movie and, now, we have a better idea, thanks to one of the bigwigs at HBO Max.

Casey Bloys, HBO Max’s content chief, recently discussed the streamer’s plans for its DC Comics-related TV show. While chatting about the series with TheWrap, talk turned to The Batman’s spinoff, and Bloys was asked how the two would intersect and if fans would be able to expect any character crossovers. In response, Bloys provided some interesting thoughts:

Matt Reeves is obviously a producer on 'Gotham City PD.' We don’t want to reserve characters just for films or for TV. There should be kind of some fluidity between them. So that is the idea. I mean, we’re in very early stages on that. So I don’t want to suggest that any one character will be. But yes, that is, generally speaking, that is the idea, that there will be crossover.

While Casey Bloys’ answer is somewhat vague, it still sounds like the two projects will crossover at some point. Of course, the exec wouldn’t go into specifics, but it doesn’t sound like anything is totally off the table at this point.

The untitled new show takes place during “Year One,” -- the first year in Bruce Wayne’s crime-fighting career. The show centers on the Gotham City Police Department, specifically a crooked cop who, like his colleagues, is trying to make sense of the vigilante who’s making noise in the city. As mentioned, the series is being produced by The Batman writer/director Matt Reeves, and Joe Barton serves as showrunner after replacing The Sopranos and Boardwalk Empire alum Terence Winter in the position.

Because the series is focused on the GCPD, one would think that Jeffrey Wright’s Commissioner Gordon could easily pop in once in a while. And while an appearance from Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne may seem ambitious, it’s certainly not impossible. In addition, when audiences actually see the film they may even meet other characters they’ll find to be perfect fits for the show.

It’s still early days for The Batman’s HBO Max spinoff, so things could definitely change with time. But it can definitely be said that Matt Reeves, Warner Bros., and HBO Max are carving out what could be a very interesting universe.

The GCPD series doesn’t currently have a release date, but The Batman is scheduled to hit theaters on March 4, 2022.

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