Keanu Reeves Looks Badass In Constantine 2 Fan Art

Keanu Reeves' John Constantine looking off as tie is blown around by the wind
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Back in 2005, a few years after wrapping up his original run as Neo in The Matrix franchise and a little under a decade before he made his first appearance as John Wick, Keanu Reeves lent his talents to the DC Comics media space by playing John Constantine. While the Constantine movie was met with mixed critical reception during its initial release, it developed a cult following in the following years, and in September, it was announced that Reeves will reprise the occult detective in Constantine 2. How will he look back in the role? One fan artist has a badass idea they’ve presented to the world.

Because Constantine 2 is in the early stages of development, it’ll likely be a long time until we learn when it will be released among the upcoming DC movies, and thus an even longer time until we see how Keanu Reeves looks as John Constantine all these years later. For now though, spdrmnkyxxiii has put together the below mock-up envisioned how the actor may appear.

Here we have a fan art version of the Constantine 2 poster, which uses the unofficial title Constantine: City of Demons, the same title used by the animated web series from a few years back that featured Matt Ryan vocally reprising his take on the character. More importantly, this artist’s rendition presents Keanu Reeves’ John Constantine as, aside from the facial hair, basically looking the same as he did in the mid-2000s. This lines up, as the man has aged so gracefully that it’s been theorized he’s immortal. And while Reeves doesn’t quite look like Constantine ripped from the comics compared to someone like Ryan, he’s still giving off that Hellblazer vibe nicely in this fan art.

Keanu Reeves’ return to the role is our only live-action John Constantine portrayal coming up, as Matt Ryan wrapped up his time playing the character in live-action in the Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 finale, and HBO Max isn’t moving forward with a Justice League Dark series starring Constantine anymore. Reeves will reunite with director Francis Lawrence on Constantine 2, and Akira Goldsman will write the script and produce through his Weed Road Pictures banner alongside J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot and Hannah Minghella. This past year saw Reeves leaving a different kind of DC stamp by voicing Batman in DC League of Super-Pets, and he intends to star in a film adaptation of his Boom! Studios comic book series BRZRKR, which he co-writes with Matt Kindt.

Once more specific information concerning Constantine 2 comes in, including whether or not it earns an R rating, we’ll pass it along. If you now finds yourself wanting to re-watch the original Constantine movie or view it for the first time, it can be streamed with an HBO Max subscription.

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