The Sweet Reason John Stamos Said ‘Yes’ To Taking Over The Iron Man Mantle From Robert Downey Jr. Right Away

If you’re a parent then there’s a pretty good chance that there’s nothing more important to you than looking good in the eyes of your child. John Stamos, who has spent his career playing characters that are, or at least think they are, super cool, really only wants to look cool to his son, which is apparently the main reason he took on the role of Iron Man for a Disney Junior animated series

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John Stamos has joined Spidey and his Amazing Friends as the voice of Iron Man, taking over a role that was made absolutely iconic in lice-action by Robert Downey Jr. Stamos spoke recently about trying to find his own way to portray the character, and he told Collider he was inspired in part by his own father. Stamos explained…

When they asked me to do Iron Man, I said yes right away. I’ll tell you why. I did a deep dive, and I always knew that Robert Downey was a genius before watching those things. I knew I couldn’t do him. My dad was my superhero. You know how you get to a point where you get older, and you go, ‘Ah, he’s just a man. He’s a human.’ He was always a superhero to me.

So John Stamos always saw his own father as a superhero, and so it’s little surprise that he wants to be that hero to his own son. Unfortunately, as is often the case, the stuff that parents do that they think is cool, often is not to their children. To some, the fact that John Stamos plays with The Beach Boys would make him cool, but not so much to his child. Stamos continues… 

I’ve spent his entire life trying to convince him, hope that his dad is cool, and it hasn’t [worked]. The other day we were driving in the car and the Beach Boys come on. I say, ‘Is your dad cool, that he plays [with] the Beach Boys?’ He took this long beat. He said, ‘Dad, do you know the Beatles?’

And it gets even worse than reminding your dad that he doesn’t know the Beatles. The child apparently does know his dad was on Full House and has seen the show. Now, when Stamos asks his son to pick up his toys, the response is a very clearly mocking “You got it dude.” It’s not the first time the child has used the Full House catchphrase. Burned by a 4-year-old. Harsh.

But John Stamos did find a way to be cool in the eyes of his son. It turns out Stamos the younger is a fan of Spidey and his Amazing Friends, the Disney Junior series that sees child versions of Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy, and Miles Morales as the pint-sized Spidey Team. Stamos himself enjoyed watching the show with his kid, so when given the chance he said yes to Iron Man, and his kid loves that…

Then a few months later, he was also watching Spidey. I remember sitting there watching Spidey and His Amazing Friends with him going, ‘This is such a cute show.’ You want to watch things before your kids do. Then, when I became Iron Man, boy, he thought that was the coolest thing.

As somebody with a kid the same age, who also largely fails to look cool in her eyes, despite the fact that I get to watch movies and go to theme parks for a living, I feel this pain. I'm glad John Stamos has found the solution. 

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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