John Stamos' Son Has Started Watching Full House Since Bob Saget Died, And The Video Is Adorable

Many people have been celebrating and honoring Bob Saget’s legacy in some form or fashion following the star's death last month. As one of America’s favorite sitcom dads, Saget left an impression on multiple generations of viewers. All the while, his Full House co-stars, like TV daughter Candace Cameron Bure, have posted multiple tributes to their beloved co-star. But Uncle Jesse himself, John Stamos, might’ve taken the cake with his latest homage to his TV father-in-law. He proved Danny Tanner’s sage advice is still being appreciated by a new generation, as his young son is now adorably watching the show.

The Fuller House star hopped on Instagram to share a lovely video of his son, Billy, watching an episode of Full House. Like millions of fans, the younger Stamos has apparently become obsessed with the classic sitcom. Check out what John Stamos had to say about his kid's desire to watch the show in the sweet post down below:

The cute video caught many people's attention, including that of Bob Saget's widow, Kelly Rizzo. Of course, she was all about it as she commented on the adorable clip:

  • I love this, John ❤️❤️ - Kelly Rizzo

The seal of approval from Bob Saget's widow only makes this recent post that much sweeter. Hopefully, the moment served as a bright spot for her in the midst of the current situation. Recently, she's been honest about her emotions regarding her husband's death, even sharing his final words to her.

In the nice tribute, John Stamos also channeled his late co-star's sense of humor by blaming him, as well as his nanny, for turning his son into a Full House devotee. But when you consider the work that the Danny Tanner actor and his co-stars did on the show, it's not hard to see why the young man would be so enthralled by the classic sitcom.

Watching the beloved series seems to be therapeutic for the actor and his son, and this clip marks an incredible shift for John Stamos in terms of how he has mourned his longtime friend. Like many fans and loved ones, the star has been aching for Bob Saget since his passing. He recently revealed that the day of Saget’s funeral was the hardest day of his life

But on that same day, he rose to the occasion, as he delivered a heartfelt and raunchy eulogy, in which he broke down how he and his co-star became friends after a rough start. Recently he even found his old buddy's dark and dirty humor spreadd into one of his last interviews, as a snapshot featuring the late comedian blocking “pea” in steamer Peacock’s name provided another perfect joke.

It’s nice to see young Billy get his cheesy yet heartfelt fill of Danny, Uncle Jesse, and Uncle Joey trying to raise three young girls through trial-and-error. John Stamos and his son will surely enjoy getting to relive those moments if the younger Stamos wants to continue watching the beloved comedy. And if you want to take a cue from them, you can watch all eight seasons of Full House by subscribing to Amazon Prime and HBO Max.

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