John Stamos Shares Throwback Photo Of Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen After His Son Used A Michelle Tanner Catchphrase At Dinner

Have mercy! Full House and Fuller House may both be all finished up for now, but John Stamos is always one to bring back the good ol' days with throwback photos from his time as Uncle Jesse. Currently the star of Disney+'s Big Shot, Stamos shared another picture with the Olsen twins, and it was all because his son dropped one of the show's most famous catchphrases.

Many characters on Full House were known to have their own catchphrase, and for little Michelle Tanner, the most oft-repeated line was “You got it, dude!” Portrayed by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Michelle became a child icon, and to this day, it's clear that her lovable catchphrase is still being used, although one can understand why it might pop up in this household more than most. John Stamos took to Instagram to share the post below giving a shout-out to the famous twins while sharing that his son mockingly said those four words during dinner:

How dare someone use those words so defiantly! And at meal time, where there might have been a bowl of owse cweam for dessert. 

It looks like John Stamos will never get away from the Full House universe, rightfully so, and his son is already making sure of it. However, I don’t think he minds, considering he frequently posts throwback photos and videos from his days on the popular sitcom, with a decent amount of them being of the Olsen twins.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen will always have a special place in John Stamos’ heart, especially considering that Michelle and Uncle Jesse had some of the best scenes on Full House. In February, the ER alum opened up about them not appearing on Fuller House, noting that it wasn’t anything big keeping them away, just that they didn’t want to do it given their acting retirement and other business ventures. Meanwhile, he’s also shared throwbacks of their little sister, Elizabeth Olsen, and has said how proud he is of her as well, since he’s also known the Marvel star since she was little.

Not only does John Stamos have to be reminded of Full House through his son, but he also has a pretty permanent reminder at home. In 2020, Stamos shared a picture on Instagram of the iconic Tanner family couch from Fuller House that was sitting right in his living room. While he didn’t specify just how he got the couch, it’s likely he was able to take it home due to him being a beloved veteran cast member.

At least, John Stamos had that couch up until relatively recently. Earlier this year, his on-screen niece Candance Cameron Bure put two iconic shows together when she was moving the famous couch by using Ross’ infamous “PIVOT!” line from Friends. However, it was all for a good cause close to his wife’s heart, a podcast that showcases inspiring people around the world where listeners can donate to nonprofits.

It's definitely hilarious to know that John Stamos’ son is starting to quote Full House, but if it gets him to post more throwback photos, I’m all for it. If you’re ever in the mood to rewatch Michelle, Uncle Jesse, and the rest of the Tanner family, all nine seasons of Full House are streaming on HBO Max with a subscription.

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