John Stamos Went To Disneyland And Had A Bit Of A Clash With Iron Man While There

John Stamos looking determined in a three piece suit in Big Shot and Iron Man standing ready for battle in Avengers: Endgame, pictured side-by-side
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The concept of identity is one of the most basic platforms for a person to establish themselves. So when someone tries to assume the same space you occupy in the world at large, there’s naturally going to be a conflict. On a more humorous level, this is the sort of thing that John Stamos ran into on a recent trip to Disneyland, where he encountered Iron Man. 

Instead of celebrating the eventual premiere of Big Shot Season 2. John Stamos ended up in a totally understandable, but also hilarious, clash with Iron Man. It’s nothing sinister, true believers! As Stamos is the new voice of Tony Stark and his heroic alter-ego on the animated series Spidey and his Amazing Friends. (He’s been promoting the series’ August 19th premiere for Disney+ subscribers.)  This lead to Stamos’ first Instagram post as a DisneyBound version of the genius billionaire philanthropist playboy

The man claimed his place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe while standing in front of Avengers Campus’ facsimile of Tony Stark himself. With a voice that sounds very similar to the OG himself, Robert Downey Jr., the park-bound variant of one of the founding Avengers seemed pretty polite in his rebuttal. 

No matter where you stand, John Stamos is definitely looking the part in his social media posts; especially when posing in at Avengers Campus (which should be the blueprint for other parks). Further photos from the attraction that’s fairly new to Disneyland show this tale of two Tonys has a happy ending, though:

You can see that the park’s version of Iron Man’s protagonist posed for a photo with the former Full House star. Plus, John Stamos only continues to convince the world that he’s the new Tony Stark when standing side by side with Spider-Man. Take a look at the slideshow that Stamos put together in this follow-up post: 

An interesting notion has come out of this fictional squabble though, and John Stamos’ reps should take note. The world has been wondering if we’ll ever see a variant version of Tony Stark, since recasting the MCU’s “prime” Armored Avenger is out of the question. Should Kevin Feige and the powers that be at Marvel Studios want to pursue that line of thought, we now have a substitute to merely drawing what Tom Cruise would look like as Iron Man.

That's all far flung speculation for the moment. What we can say is that web-heads and iron stans can tune into Spidey and his Amazing Friends with their children, when it premieres its entire run of shorts on Disney+, starting August 19th. Apologies to all Big Shot fans, as we don’t have a premiere date for Season 2 just yet. You’ll want to keep an eye on the 2022 TV premiere schedule, for whenever that information is revealed in the near future.

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