Move Over Tom Holland And Mark Ruffalo: Angelina Jolie Is The Latest Marvel Star To Share All The Spoilers

Angelina Jolie as Thena
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SPOILER WARNING: There are HUGE spoiler reveals for Eternals in this article. See the latest Marvel movie in theaters first before reading ahead. 

Being the star of a Marvel movie is one of the most high-profile titles an actor can be given these days... but with that comes the challenging task of protecting each film’s major developments while going on massive global press tours. Marvel stars talk to an incredible number of journalists ahead of the release of their massive movies, and while many are able to perform spoiler ninjutsu, there are a select few who have proven to be untrustworthy with all the MCU tea. The latest to join this exclusive club is EternalsAngelina Jolie, as fans have recently clocked. 

Tom Holland is the most infamous Marvel actor to spill all the spoilers over the years. Remember when he walked on stage of an Avengers: Infinity War screening yelling “I’m alive” before the audience had a chance to see Spider-Man’s death? Classic! Oh, and the actor behind Hulk is a close second. Remember when Mark Ruffalo live-streamed Thor: Ragnarok at the premiere by accident? Now, Angelina Jolie has officially joined the spoiler club. Check out this hilarious compilation of Jolie during recent interviews just blurting a ton out: 

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What a flex. Angie just went for it in various interviews during her global Eternals press tour and @joliesgem narrating her costars’ reactions is absolutely priceless. The first clip sees Jolie at the Eternals Los Angeles premiere weeks ago talking about a sequel. She admits to probably spoiling everything as Chloé Zhao makes a concerned flash to the camera and says “you’re not supposed to say.” Then, there’s another clip of Jolie with Salma Hayek, who looks seriously concerned as her co-star as she spills some more Eternals information before Hayek chimes in to say “and that’s what we’re going to find out.” 

My favorite might be the next one where Angelina Jolie is paired with Ma Dong-seok, who looks stressed AF as Jolie starts talking about the end of the movie. The video then cuts to another one with Salma Hayek where Jolie literally mentions the massive third act twist involving Richard Madden’s Ikaris in not one, but two interviews. Yikes! 

What’s funny about Angelina Jolie spoiling things is that she is such a respected colleague that none of her costars really tease her or cut her off like we’ve seen other actors do with Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo in the past. What makes this especially funny is seeing the look on the faces of her director and co-stars as she just straight up goes for it without a care in the world. Hey, it’s her first time in the MCU, and it is difficult to remain tight-lipped about a movie so exciting as Eternals. Look for the film in theaters now, and check out CinemaBlend’s own interviews with the Eternals cast – yes, including Angelina Jolie. 

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