Stargirl Season 2 Finale Reveals Potential Big Bad For Season 3 And Unexpected Allies

Warning! The following contains spoilers for Stargirl’s Season 2 finale “Summer School: Chapter Thirteen.” Read at your own risk!

Stargirl’s Season 2 finale took the fight to Eclipso, and surprisingly, the good guys took the day with minimal casualties. The series pushed right along past this season’s big threat, and as an added treat for fans, possibly revealed Season 3’s big bad, the theme for next season, and some unexpected allies. 

So, what’s up next for Courtney Whitmore and the JSA? The final minutes of the finale revealed a frightening new villain from DC Comics and added the possibility of the heroes getting a few new members to their ranks. Let’s break it all down and get just a little bit excited for the eventual release of Stargirl: Frenemies.

Mister Bones puffing on a cigar

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Mister Bones Seems Primed To Be Stargirl: Frenemies’ Big Bad

Stargirl ended Season 2 with a creepy skeletal figure talking to a nurse in the same hospital Jennie’s brother was at, and this boney dude was making plans to head to Blue Valley. This is DC Comics villain Mister Bones, and there’s one important distinction about him that needs to be addressed immediately. Mister Bones may look like a walking skeleton, but he actually just has translucent flesh and muscles. If this Mister Bones is like the comics’, he also excretes cyanide which makes contact with him instantly fatal.  

Mister Bones is no Eclipso, and it’s even possible he’s not a villain. While Mister Bones lived as a villain in DC Comics, Bones later reformed his ways and became an eventual director of the DEO. I didn’t get the vibe that the Mister Bones we saw in Stargirl was a good guy, but that could be me judging a book by its cover. Perhaps this could also play into next season’s title of Stargirl: Frenemies?

Stargirl and friends getting ready for battle in Stargirl

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The JSA May Get Some Unexpected Allies

With the world saved, members of the JSA went about their daily lives. Yolanda tried to enjoy her day when she ran into Cindy, a.k.a. Shiv. Yolanda was immediately on defense to even see Cindy out in public, but even the best defense couldn’t prepare her for what Cindy had in store. Shiv told Wildcat she wanted a pass for her past misdeeds, and she’d like a chance to prove herself and join the JSA. 

Nearby, Courtney and her family were enjoying a breakfast free from the stress of everything they went through when there was a knock at the door. Pat went to the door and was surprised to find the Crock family hoping to join them for breakfast. Pretty weird behavior for villains all-around at the end of this episode, but undoubtedly on-brand for what Season 3 of Stargirl is supposed to be about. 

Stargirl: Frenemies will premiere on The CW in 2022, and that’s about all we know about it for now! Be sure to stick with CinemaBlend in the coming months for any new details as they come, and the upcoming fun happening in other shows in the Arrowverse.

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