The Boys Actor Posts BTS Pic With Premiere's Massive Penis Prop, And I Can't Stop Giggling

Termite shirtless on The Boys
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Ahead of its latest season going live, The Boys boss Eric Kripke promised fans that Season 3’s first episode would feature a more extreme scene than anything that Amazon Prime subscribers had been shown before, and audiences didn’t need to wait too long for the showrunner’s words to come true. I’m speaking, of course, of the sequence introducing the size-shifting Supe known as Termite, who managed to explode his potential lover from within the guy’s own urethra. It was just another day on the job for everyone on The Boys, of course, and Termite actor Brett Geddes confirmed the mega-penis’ physical existence with a couple of highly unique dick pics.

Check out Brett Geddes’ Instagram post below, which could easily fool someone into thinking it depicts the world’s biggest (and most caucasian) Cheerio the world has ever seen, as opposed to a 20-foot tall glans recreation.  

Both of those pics technically look like they could have been taken during some kind of avant garde concert, as if the Blue Man Group just figured out what sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll were. And without any kind of context, it wouldn’t be out of this world to mistakenly think that the powdered-up men were standing in front of a withered and weathered bagel shop display. 

As viewers will no doubt remember (and be unable to scrub out of their memory banks despite all attempts), The Boys’ Termite scene featured the miniaturized character leaping over large piles of cocaine (while totally nude) before shockingly diving up into the urethra of his mate’s penis. That pesky narcotic served as the non-Supe’s undoing, though, as it caused Termite to sneeze, which turned him back into a full-size human while still within the other dude’s dong, thus erupting everything and causing a disturbingly gory mess. Wait, did I say disturbingly? I meant to say magnificently.

Brett Geddes and his stuntman Alex Armbruster were covered head to toe in white schmutz, which means they likely took these pictures after filming the moment in which Karl Urban’s Butcher jiggles Termite around within a baggie of coke. It very likely isn’t the kind of scene Armbruster is used to in his other projects such as Star Trek: Discovery or Mayor of Kingstown

The Termite scene was something of a one-off scene, regardless of plot connections, and it teased what The Boys’ upcoming spinoff series could be like (assuming its casting situation is under control), since it’s more about life among a squad of young adult Supes, as opposed to the Us vs. Them narrative at the heart of the flagship series. And as we all know, young people just cannot stop shrinking themselves before burrowing into each other’s genitalia in the efforts of creating life-threatening orgasms. Wait, do we NOT all know about that?

Having debuted its first three episodes for the Season 3 premiere, which finally introduced fans to Jensen Ackles’ O.G. “hero” Soldier Boy, The Boys will drop new episodes on Prime Video every Friday. While waiting to see what kind of genital-centered debauchery is on the way, check out all the other best comic book shows that don’t come from Marvel or DC.

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