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Walking Dead's Jeffrey Dean Morgan Had Negan-Approved Reaction To Joining The Boys Cast For Season 4

Negan outdoors in the Walking Dead
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Though The Walking Dead is concluding this year with its eleventh season, Jeffrey Dean Morgan won’t yet say goodbye to the character Negan, as the actor is currently still in zombie-killing mode while filming the spinoff formerly known as Isle of the Dead. (It's now called The Walking Dead: Dead City.) But with that being a limited-episode project, and nothing else planned beyond its 2023 airing, Morgan is now able to take on other projects that his schedule hasn’t allowed for in years past. Such as the superhero satire The Boys, which he’d been pining to appear on for a couple of years now, and voiced his dedication for back in May. Now, The Boys has revealed Morgan will at last join the star-studded cast for Season 4, and his reaction to the news would get a thumbs up from Negan. 

Immediately after the news broke that Jeffrey Dean Morgan will reunite with his former boss, Supernatural creator Eric Kripke, for the latter’s suped-up streaming hit The Boys, Morgan shared his response on Twitter:

BAA—FUCKING—BOOOOM!!! The Boys Season 4 Casts Jeffrey Dean Morgan in Recurring Role

If anybody knows how to drop an F-bomb, it’s JDM, whose Negan verbalized an endless plethora of variations on the word “fuck” within Robert Kirman and Charlie Adlard’s comic series. Even though Morgan didn’t get to utilize the NSFW dialogue nearly as much as fans would have wanted, I do believe the monster-turned-softie would give a thumbs up to his Boys reaction. And, obviously, the thumb would be wrapped in barbed wire, and would also be as large as a baseball bat. 

Jeffrey Dean Morgan shared a longer reaction in another tweet, which contained a far less inflammatory four-letter word. 

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As noted in the tweet from The Boys’ Twitter, his casting news doesn’t point to who (or what, I guess) he might be playing in Season 4. There are obviously still characters from the comic series to bring into live-action, though the first three seasons made it clear that Eric Kripke & Co. have no problems creating entirely new heroes, Vought employees and more. One thing is for sure: Morgan won’t be underutilized, whatever he ends up playing. (My not-at-all-secret hope is that he gets a musical number with Karen Fukuhara.) 

It’ll be wild if Jeffrey Dean Morgan not only shows up on The Boys, but also somehow reprises his role of John Winchester for The CW’s upcoming Supernatural prequel spinoff The Winchesters. That’s not said to be happening or anything, but working with Kripke again, who’d worked again with Jensen Ackles for The Boys’ third season, might inspire him to return to that world, and I can’t imagine the creative team would balk at writing up a flash-forward.

The Boys is currently filming now, with Eric Kripke and some of the stars sharing social media posts to mark the occasion. Amazon Prime subscribers can get ready to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan in that world at some point in 2023, and can hit up our 2022 TV premiere schedule in the meantime to see when Negan will return for The Walking Dead’s final eight episodes. 

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