Why Legends Of Tomorrow's Season 7 Premiere Twist Will Be A Struggle For Gideon

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Legends of Tomorrow Season 7 premiere “The Bullet Blondes.” Read at your own risk!

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow doesn’t often disappoint, and the Season 7 premiere was no exception, with two big reveals shaking things up for the superpowered ensemble. Audiences likely already knew about one of those reveals, as actress Amy Louise Pemberton joined The CW superhero show as a series regular to play the flesh and blood version of her long-voiced character, Gideon. But don’t expect for the season to be an easy ride for the artificially intelligent being to navigate, even though that was totally her jam before.

Executive producer Phil Klemmer confirmed Gideon’s human transformation is a joy for the character, but it won’t be without its struggles. Klemmer talked about the highs and lows of that experience in an interview with TVLine and teased some of the troubles ahead for Amy Louise Pemberton's Gideon.

Living in this human body is going to be both a joy and a struggle for Gideon. She was always kind of removed from our team, so she’s happy to be in the fold, but at the same time, now she’s plagued by all of the dissonances that our Legends have. She’s always the one who’s been like, ‘Guys, seriously, stop being so human.’ Humans are inconsistent and emotional, and irrational, and now she doesn’t have that distance. Now she’s just one of us, and now she’s having to learn a lifetime’s worth of being human in a crazy crash course.

Phil Klemmer explained that the human experience will conflict with things Gideon believed to be true as an artificial intelligence, which will cause her some complications as she gets used to everything else about having limbs and hair and stuff. Klemmer also noted that while Gideon will retain most of what she knew prior to becoming human, it’ll be stuffed into a human brain and fall prey to its limitations. That meshing is going to create some “dissonance,” as Klemmer put it, which sounds like Gideon will struggle not just in adapting to her humanity, but in letting go of her data-driven past. 

That’s terrible news for the Legends of Tomorrow characters in the short term, as they could use Gideon at her best to help them out of the jam they caused in 1925. The Waverider exploded following an attack by another Waverider, blocking their means of time travel. Their gadgets are useless, and Nate accidentally killed J. Edgar Hoover. Gideon can’t solve all the problems the team has at the moment, clearly, but one has to think she’ll be able to at least help them repair the ship and some of their broken tech with her expansive memory. We’ll just have to wait and see how it goes, though, because solutions are rarely so cut and dry with the Legends. 

Legends of Tomorrow airs on The CW Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. For more on the series, read up on the plans for the 100th episode and which actors are set to return for the big event.

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