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Would Matt Reeves Helm An MCU Film After The Batman? Here’s What He Says

Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne The Batman.
(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

It would seem that Matt Reeves is already making quite the impression on the superhero genre through The Batman. The Planet of the Apes director’s latest feature has earned strong reviews from critics, and many fans have taken to social media to praise it. Reeves certainly seems to understand the Caped Crusader’s world and enjoys working in the world of DC. But would he be willing to step into the Marvel Cinematic to helm a film? It’s a fair question and one that Reeves has now answered. 

Birthed in 2008, the MCU has become a worldwide phenomenon and, over the years, it’s managed to draw some amazing talents behind the camera. Many would surely agree that Matt Reeves would be a strong addition to Marvel Studios’ roster of directors. But while Reeves appreciates what the company has created, he actually isn’t eager to dive into the expansive cinematic world, and he has specific reasons for this: 

I have such respect for Kevin Feige and also for the [Marvel] filmmakers. But to be honest with you, I just don’t know how I would make my way through that. There has to be some level of discovery for me, where I have some freedom to find my way. If I have to come into something that’s already set too firmly, then I think I would get lost. And I don’t think they would be happy with me either.

Honestly, you have to give the filmmaker a lot of credit for being so forthcoming with his feelings while speaking with Variety. The Marvel movies have collectively become a powerful entity unto themselves, and some directors don’t mind stepping into something so massive. But for someone like Matt Reeves, it’s easier to maneuver in a fictional universe that’s not sometimes restrained by continuity. So it’s actually good that he knows now that he probably wouldn’t be a good fit with the Disney-owned film studio.

Marvel Studios has had a handful of creative conflicts with directors in the past, with the most notable arguably happening with Edgar Wright. The Hot Fuzz helmer was originally set to direct Ant-Man for the company, though both sides mutually agreed to part ways over creative differences. At the time, many fans were disappointed to see him, though some took comfort when he and Kevin Feige reunited years later. Another big name worth mentioning is Wonder Woman’s Patty Jenkins, who was once going to tackle Thor: The Dark World. Jenkins has explained that she didn’t believe she could “make a good movie out of the script.” She’s still, however, grateful to have been offered the gig. 

It’s hard not to wonder what Matt Reeves would do with a Marvel project if he chose to sign on. His distinct creative touch could be refreshing for the MCU. Thankfully, there’s more to come from him within the world of The Batman. At present, he’s developing two HBO Max spinoffs that connect to Robert Pattinson’s movie. One is centered on the Gotham City Police Department, while the other focuses on Colin Farrell’s Penguin. On top of that, the film’s producer has also provided a timeline for a sequel.

So even if the Cloverfield director did have MCU aspirations, he probably wouldn’t have time to take on a project with them given his DC work. Though some may be disappointed by his statements, I’m sure many more (like myself) are perfectly fine with him building out his own world around Bruce Wayne.

The Batman is now playing in theaters and is one of the biggest new movie releases of 2022.

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