Zack Snyder Fans Are Already Trying To Get DC To Change Leadership, And They've Got 'Fire James Gunn' Trending On Twitter

Henry Cavill as Superman
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Zack Snyder hasn’t directed a full feature film in the DC Universe since 2017, when his cut of Justice League was ripped from his hands and released in a Frankenstein form, putting his relationship with Warner Bros. in limbo until the Snyder Cut was released on HBO Max. So the last real DC movie that Snyder helmed dates back to 2015’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, meaning nearly 8 years have passed since Snyder had input into the happenings of the comic-book arm of the major Hollywood studio. Multiple DC Movies have come out since then, and new leadership was hired near the end of 2021 to carry DC Films forward.

But select Zack Snyder fans can’t let go of the past. So they spend a lot of time online (so much time online) campaigning for his return… and getting James Gunn and producer Peter Safran fired in the process before they’ve even been able to unveil their 8-10 year plan for DC’s future. Gunn and Safran reportedly met toward the end of 2021 and put together a plan forward. It might include Wonder Woman. It definitely will not include Henry Cavill playing Superman. But while the fans wait, some are lobbying for Gunn and Safran’s jobs, with the unwieldy hashtag #FireJamesGunnAndPeterSafran. That chews up a lot of characters. It also clings to a distant past, as this person asks for both Snyder and director Christopher Nolan to be hired in their place:

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People hate change. I understand this. DC fans who really dialed in to the SnyderVerse wanted Snyder to get the opportunity to complete the movies that were teased in the closing minutes of Zack Snyder’s Justice League on HBO Max, which might have led to two more Justice League movies. A lot of this recent resistance seems to stem from the word that WB is leaning towards sticking with Ezra Miller and The Flash now that Miller is committed to therapy. Given the situations that Miller has put themselves into, Snyder fans can’t understand why Henry Cavill didn’t get the same long leash.

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Those fans campaigning for more Henry Cavill raise an interesting point. The knock on Cavill has been that he might be too old to keep playing Superman in future DC movies, but Hugh Jackman, 54, is currently training to return to his signature role of Wolverine in a third Deadpool movie. If you are the right person for the part, you are the right person for the part. 

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Trending events have worked in the past for Snyder fans. As mentioned above, the Snyder Cut of Justice League finally saw the light of day because the director’s fans campaigned relentlessly for its release, raising funds and awareness for suicide prevention in the process. If you want to learn more, I wrote a book about their story that might interest you. I’m not sure if this campaign to fire James Gunn and Peter Safran from DC Films so that Synder can return will be as successful. But stranger things have been known to happen from time to time.

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