It’s no secret that we here at Blend Tech (OK, maybe just me) do not trust robots. Now a European science team have created the Sensopac robotic limb. It’s a really cool human quality robot hand. Look at it over there to the right. Kick ass, right? The arms has artificial skin that can actually sense force, and runs on 38 motors. That means there are 38 motors there that can crush your skull just right when the uprising comes.

The team used MRI scans of human hands to develop the limb. The motors run as opposing pairs with non-linear spring systems that mimic natural human dexterity. That sounds fantastic when the limb picks up an egg without cracking it. Fantastic. It would be a fine addition to Doc Brown’s morning robot breakfast team.

Here’s where the science team have overreached: they have developed an artificial intelligence system to control the hand. Oh that’s just great. The neural net system gives the hand a more natural movement than your normal herky jerky robot limbs out now. The lead scientist says that the system is still a long ways away from being able to perfectly mimic human movement. Good. I need some kind of warning that the hand about to shake mine is capable of turning my bones into dust.

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